Virtual Trial Room

What is an iDesighiBuy virtual dressing room?  iDesigniBuy’s virtual dressing room is our newest form of technology and is certain to become one of the “must have” tools to offer to your most engaging customer’s. Think of it as visual story telling at its heart. Imagine putting your customer into a virtual world where they can admire themselves in their own unique design. iDesigniBuy’s power is the use of visuals, where shoppers can try their designs virtually in 3D; let them take snapshots of themselves and show off their unique style by instantly sharing their experience on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

It’s no secret, most people buy what they try on in dressing rooms. Imagine the revenue gains you can achieve. Every aspect of iDesigniBuy’s virtual trial room (dressing) adds brand equity to your business and increases your profits by advancing the buyers purchase decision.


Set yourself apart and boost your business with iDesigniBuy virtual trail room product designer tools.

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