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Transform Your E-commerce Tailoring Store from Ordinary to Exclusive

Are you looking for a solution to boost your sales? Attract more customers and provide them with more convenience? Our tailoring solutions help you to transform the way you sell your product online, fulfill modern buyers, achieve customer loyalty and beat your competitors.

iDesigniBuy offers an exclusive range of product customization tool software for selling custom clothes online with the profit of customization for consumers. Using our solutions, cutters and tailors can allow buyers to design suits, shirts, and pants by themselves online instead of visiting their physical stores. This is what you need to become an exclusive online tailor and stay ahead of the curve.

Boost Up Your Online Tailoring Platform with Our Premium Solutions

Shirt Design Tool
Suit Design Tool
Pant Design Tool
Jacket Design Tool
Hoodies Design Tool
Fabulous Features

Comprising each detail of the product, our e-commerce tailoring solutions allow your customers to co-create or design custom clothes from a wide variety of fabrics, designs, textile pattern, tailoring styles and more. Check out some of their key facets here.