Integrate seamless, end-to-end product configurator for your enterprise.

With years of expertise in developing and delivering robust Product Customization Software, iDesigniBuy provides high-end customization solutions that integrate with your existing website with ease. For ensuring the success of our clients, we also offer advanced tailored solutions in apparel and fashion vertical that helps to upscale your offerings' making enterprise stands tall in the competition.

Amazing Customization Experience For Various Products



We as a product customization software services company help many businesses to solve complex problems by automating the configuration operations excellence with innovative technologies.


Fashion Design Software

Consolidate your ecommerce platform with best-in-class and consistent product configurator solutions.

iDesigniBuy, with our years of expertise, has become one of the leading product customization software solutions providers. Our team is superior in developing and delivering top-notch product customization software solutions that can be integrated seamlessly with new or existing e-commerce websites. Our range of services also includes tailoring software solutions and web-to-print software solutions in apparel and Fashion Design Software.

Our team aims to upscale our clients' businesses with our advanced offerings, including apparel design and customization solutions, shoes and socks customization, jewelry customization, women's handbag customization, belt customization, tile customization, stamp customizations, and more. Our apparel designs and customization solutions include a range of suits, shirts, tuxedos, t-shirts, hoodies, sherwani, abaya, thobe, and much more.

Our Fashion Design Software aims to accomplish all the requirements of the custom maker tailors. We focus on helping you and your customers to design their own style based on their personality and create their fashion statements.

iDesigniBuy's web-to-print solution is an integrated platform that provides intelligible web-to-print tools. It automates the orders and reordering for clients. It enables advanced B2B planning for businesses to feature the prime products, services, and promotional services to enhance audience engagement as well as sales. It involves T-shirt design tools, Mug design tools, cap design tools, business and greeting card design tools, banner design tools, and much more.

Our range of other Fashion Design Software enables our customers to widen their range of services by integrating customer-friendly platforms. Our solutions with inbuild suggestions for the latest designs for bags, shoes, apparel, and others, their colors, textures, fabrics, and other important aspects are aimed to assist the designers create masterpieces. It also helps the professional designer better understand the types of clients to provide them with better future services.