3D Clothing Design Software Leaps Fashion Industry into Secure Future

Digital design is emerging as a crucial lever for the industry. It allows brands to design products quickly and remotely. Once installed, 3D assets — which are three-dimensional, photorealistic digital models of products — can be used in myriad situations, from creating marketing materials and virtual showrooms to customer-facing e-commerce pages and augmented reality experiences. The apparel design software works on a similar line and has an inbuilt customization feature to enable buyers to design their clothes remotely with advanced technology.




3D Clothing Design Software Helps Brands Adopt Latest Designing Techniques 


Given the circumstances, the digital supply chain is the only way forward because it reduces wastage of apparel, in-time manufacturing, and, most importantly, people don’t have to step out to get their things done. It is offering a win-win for companies working to become more sustainable while cutting costs.  The fashion industry is quickly rising to the occasion, and taking an interest in the emerging technology, and use cases are increasing. But the past two months have forced an urgency on the digital design that didn’t previously exist. Now, brands are racing to understand and implement a technology that could allow them to continue operations at a time when draping physical fabric, shipping samples internationally, and showing on a runway is at a standstill.




Here are the reasons to embrace 3D designing in the business model:

  • Market Your Products 


The digital technology allows manufacturers and retailers to showcase their clothing line in a virtual setup. The three-dimensional renders can appear in e-catalogs, virtual showrooms, and online product pages as soon as they are created. PlatformE’s Cruz, while talking to Vogue Business Magazine, says, “Showrooms are closed, so [brands] have two options: either stop doing collections or show differently.” Brands that have adopted digital design are more easily able to sustain the familiar work-flow, including pre-orders until factories reopen.

Besides, 3D models can provide more context than static imagery. Rebecca Minkoff found that sessions that interacted with a 3D model were up to 44 percent more likely to add to cart. And 27 percent more likely to convert to order. If you want to follow the path of leading brands and become as efficient as they then implement the fashion design software.

  • Efficient Designing


Your end-users can create their new apparel by using software that helps them to a place of paper and fabric, and designers can create and alter designs without having to produce them physically. The physical properties of materials are measured and recreated digitally, and avatars act as fit models to portray how clothes will fit in real life. The lockdown has pushed businesses to operate in a more lean and agile way. Traditional sampling and prototyping, for example, can take three months, but the 3D design can render a realistic-looking shirt in one day. The increased efficiency of creating a virtual collection is “dramatic,” especially for merchandising and design teams working from home.

  • Boost Customer Experience 


Digital assets can be used beyond buying and selling. They can be used to enhance customer experience because it will offer face filters, try-ons, digital preview, and model. These all features would bring an aesthetic sense, and as a result, they would like to shop from your brand. In addition to more nascent uses, such as in-game content, dressing digital avatars, hologram-like displays, and virtual reality will help to grasp their attention.

  • Streamlines Supply Chains


The 3D design is the greatest asses any brand can have; it not only helps customers to create their style but also allows manufacturers and retailers to streamline their supply chain. As discussed above, the software allowed customers to personalize products online using photorealistic 3D models, which were produced only after an order was placed.



Majority brands in the fashion industry are pulling their socks up, and embracing the new change, yet some are still fumbling and looking for support. The 3D pattern making by iDesigniBuy is the best alternative the retailers and manufacturers could have hoped for. The tool comes with the latest technology that will help you to sustain the business for a long time.

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