7 Vital Features of Product Design Software

Over the past two decades, we have seen drastic changes in shopping behavior and developing an ecommerce website is one of the major reasons behind it. As everything is available at a few clicks, the frequency by which individual used to shop has been increased. To meet the growing demand of consumer products, online shop owners and retailers have to come up with new creative designs and find a way to satisfy the customer requirements. And nothing can be better than offering customers a platform to design their own products as per their taste and requirements.

Product Design Software

The customized products like greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts are a big hit among every age group around the world. Here, we are going to highlight some of the must-have features while selecting a product customization tool or any product design software to make your online store more fun and interactive for your users. This not only adds fun to your website, but it also makes your store a creative place for customers to customize products according to their choice and give products a personal touch.

Let’s have a look at the list of 7 vital features to check while selecting online product customization software:

  1. Multiple Design Areas: Designing a product can be a tricky job and generally it has multiple factors that needs to come together to form a perfect design. Though your customers might not be expert designers or artist, but they will surely have basic idea about designing. Credit goes to the social media and other platform that helps to learn new skills. And if you are offering a product personalization, you don’t want to disappoint your customers by providing then a single designing area. Providing multiple design areas will improve the customer engagement and they will have impression that you value your customers. Also, this is a must-have feature if you are looking to give a stay ahead of your competition.


  1. Clipart Library: Every individual has their own choice and offering limited clipart gallery might disappoint many customers. Confining the designing options won’t be appreciated by any web-users and offering multiple options will increase your demand among your target audience. Hence, while selecting the product customization software to be integrated with your website or online store, you must ensure that it has advanced clipart management feature and it should allow users to add an effect, resize and crop. Make sure your customers feel authority over their design and they will return satisfied to come back again on your store.


  1. Custom Image Upload: This is something really important in the customization as every picture has its own story and people prefer to add those images on their personalized touch. People value emotions and sentiments; hence, they incline towards the product with an emotional image. A feature to upload an image from external storage devices may help your customers to give a very personal touch to their design.


  1. Print Color Management: Offering a customization is not a cake walk. Every individual is different from other and so their choices. To be successful, you need to understand your customers or else let them express through their designs. Colors are an important part of our personality and one color doesn’t suit everyone. To enable your customers to express themselves through their design you need to have a feature in your product designing tool to manage colors for the wide range of items which you can list on your website through the backend.


  1. Advance Tool for Objects: People are looking for a web-store with a designing tool with advanced features such as group and move objects, masking effect, remove background, and the brush tool. These features makes a job of designing a breeze and customers can achieve their design with ease.


  1. Bulk Order: You can also add an option of a bulk order to your website. Generally, many tools include the feature of wholesale order; so, you should look for it. This way you can increase sales on your website and eventually revenue of your organization.


  1. Brush Tool: As mentioned earlier, offering an advanced feature such as brush tool is a must to add an edge to your business and to stay ahead of your competitors. This is a tool that every designer and artist cherishes as this eases their job and offers them the freedom to add a personal spin to their designs. This not only offers a satisfactory experience to your current customers, but it also grabs the attention of other audiences which will help you to grow your business.


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