Apparel Customization Redefining Fashion eCommerce

Gone are the days when people usually avoid trying something different – or unique! Traditional ideas and practices change dramatically over time, and the e-commerce industry is no exception.


With ever-increasing technology and ever-increasing customer shopping, the demand for personalization has entered the eCommerce industry.

Apparel Design Software

And today, there is hardly anyone who is not asking for adaptation. Although a large number of ecommerce store owners have already discontinued ‘number personalization,’ nothing has happened so far.


Let us walk you through apparel’s personalization before the personalization concept that has made it popular in the ecommerce industry:


Apparel Customization Overview:


Apparel customization is customizing the apparel according to the customers’ needs or demands. People also refer to it as the personalization of apparel. This is because you give Apparels a personal touch according to your customers’ needs. Customer customization can be in demand in the form of text, graphics, color, design, size, or anything else.


You can offer apparel customization in two ways –


Keeping the needs of customers first and customizing the garment according to them.


Enabling customers to customize their apparel through online apparel design software integrated into their apparel backend. Although you can choose either of these two methods, the latter is ideally more recommended if you have a large customer base. As such, it saves you extra time and energy that otherwise takes into account the needs of customers and caters to them one by one. Also, misunderstandings between you and the customers reduce the likelihood of errors in the final garment. The customers know what they want, and they will only design what they want!




Now that you have understood what privatization of apparel is let us throw light on its benefits.


  • Apparel Customization Is the Future of Online Shopping:


Global ecommerce sales in the year are projected to reach $ 6.54bn in 2023, According to Statista.


As per a study by Epsilon, 80% of customers would prefer to buy apparel (s) from a brand offering personalization. If you look at these figures, you can conclude that personalization will be a top notch trend in the ecommerce industry for so many upcoming years.



Therefore, this is the right time to harness the emerging trend’s potential and prepare your store for the future.


  • Higher and Better Engagement:


Who doesn’t want to feel special? Apparel personalization does exactly that – it makes customers feel valued and special.


When you initiate the customers to choose what they want their final garment; they feel excited as they feel a touch of personalization’ that helps them and makes them better.



If you provide online apparel design software to customers to highlight their creativity and design their apparel on their own, it enhances their shopping experience and keeps you more engaged.


  • Increase Customer Loyalty:


When you meet customers ‘needs and expectations of their purchase, your brand is sure to be found in your customers’ good books. Once they discover that your brand does not fail to deliver what they want, they will surely turn your first-time customers into loyal customers. Even better, these ‘loyal’ customers will convey good word of mouth to their acquaintances and will contribute to increasing your customer base more quickly.


In this way, your loyal customer base will grow and grow over time.


  • High Conversion Rate:


With the ability to deliver the desired apparel to your customers, it is easy to stay on top of their satisfaction. To add icing to the cake, you can go with the flow and adopt the market’s latest personalization trends.


For example, individual T-shirts often attract various non-governmental organizations, fashion-lovers, fantasy, or communities. People also love to personalize T-shirts for various festivals. Therefore, a T-shirt is evergreen apparel to keep in mind the latest trends and increase the conversion rate.


  • Better Knowledge of Customer Preferences:


When customers place an order, you can note every time that their order is required. With time, you can get to know each customer’s customization preferences.


With this valuable information at your disposal over time; you can start providing even more personalized experiences to your repeat customers. For example, you can share personalized coupons for special custom Apparel that they often order. You can also become a supplier of custom appearances such as T-shirts for some NGOs, institutions, companies, or hospitals and offer them attractive discounts on bulk orders to strengthen your bond with you.


This not only helps your customers grow beyond individual customers but makes your online presence strong and attractive.


Summing up:


Apparel customization has given the ecommerce industry a new definition and made it like never before. There are many benefits that apparel customization can provide to both e-store owners and customers. Online apparel designer software is a great way to offer that apparel customization freedom to customers.

So, if you have not yet offered apparel customization, then it is high time you gave your e-store sales a new boost with apparel optimization and expanding your customer base.


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