How Apparel Design Software Helps Brands to Collectively Cater Sustainable Fashion?

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the world economy, and it has highlighted the importance of digitally engaging consumers and communicates with them. The fashion industry is no exception, and it is accelerating the adoption of digital innovations faster than ever before. The digital technology, coupled with customization solutions, can do wonders for your business. Therefore, you must implement the apparel design software, specifically designed to allow your buyers to customize their jeans.




Apparel Design Software Enables Brands to Lead in Future Fashion


As time is passing, the fashion brands are feeling that a sword is hanging over their head when it comes to sustainability. They have been researches and reports suggesting that the nonchalant attitude of bigwigs in the sector is pushing the world into dark times from where return won’t be possible. But this is not entirely true, as brands like The R Collective and Levi’s are leading their way to show it to the world that they care; for the environment, buyers, and employees.


Here are a few of the necessary steps that can put brands in the lead for sustainability:


Transparent Supply Chain

According to Christina Dean, founder of The R Collective, after cotton cultivation, the second most impactful stage in the life cycle of denim is customer care, accounting for 37 percent of total emissions. Levi’s found that washing denim cold instead of warm reduces the climate impact of washing by 69 percent in a typical garment life cycle, while line drying instead of using a dryer can reduce incidence by 65 percent. Therefore, The R Collective, a Hong Kong-based upscaled apparel company, created the “The Denim Reimagined” project. It is initiated to take traceable fashion to a new level going beyond supply chain traceability. Levi’s label supports the project, and they hope by providing information like this, more customers will be willing to adopt more sustainable habits.


The joint venture by two influential labels leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to track the relevant garment information and securely pass it on to consumers. In the last two years, several luxury brands have also started to employ IoT technology to inform users of product supply chains or to verify the authenticity of goods. Another influential brand, LVMH, is developing its digital platform, Aura, to use across brands.  Gabriela Hearst and PVH have worked on digital identity projects, and labels from Ralph Lauren to 1017 Alyx 9sm have partnered with Avery Dennison and Everything on digital supply chain tracking.

Help Consumer to Adopt Sustainability as a Habit


Even when details of the supply chain, materials, and usage are provided, it remains difficult for customers to read and assess the sustainability level of a garment. Though it is given that a buyer knows everything but the insufficient context or comparable data makes it difficult for him/her to understand what exactly is going on. This is not just the case with customers; even manufacturers and designers fall in the trap of unawareness. According to Niall Murphy, co-founder, and CEO of Evrythng, “Most apparel brands wouldn’t necessarily be making the product themselves, so the verification of the source of materials that are going into the product is difficult — they don’t necessarily have that information in their hands.” Our jeans customization software is the best alternative that helps brands to trace the source material more comfortable, and also ensures a transparent relationship between the buyer and brand.


Exposure New Consumer Mindset

These days, the experts believe that the Asian market will emerge as an alternative for the fashion community as more consumers are currently most likely to engage with scannable digital experiences attached to products. Evrythng has already executed its program all over the world, but this particular region is showing the highest frequency of scan rates and engagement. To resonate with its APAC consumers, The R Collective has employed a series of local and international influencers and KOLs to share restyling tips, as well as promote the collection itself on their channels. The group will also be accompanied by a global #wearandcare sustainable care campaign on social media to educate consumers on how to wash less often, wash at lower temperatures, line dry, and manage their denim disposal.



The blog is written with the intention that the responsibility of brands goes beyond sustainable fashion. They must take action to educate their audiences and make them a part of the movement so that everyone participates in making our planet liveable, lovable, and enjoyable. The apparel design software by iDesigniBuy will help you move in the direction of creating a safer world for all. Additionally, it fulfills all the requisites in terms of technology, solutions, designs, and consumer satisfaction.


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