Catalyzing Modern Fashion Offering With Apparel Design Software

Shopping digitally is all being a revolution because of the fact that customers are having higher interactions with online brands. Gone are those days when end users used to select from the selective number of options available in traditional brick and mortar stores. This is the time


Catalyzing Modern Fashion Offering With Apparel Design Software


when the apparel industry’s economy is experiencing a paradigm shift, where brands are going with investing in efforts making the customer’s experience more satisfactory. Online shopping these days has gained a tremendous rate of growth, higher flexibility to the end-users.


Taking it a step further, businesses and brands are now offering product customization by integrating apparel design software to their customers to wear apparel inspired by their choice. This substantially alleviates the problem of inventory shortages while enhancing the user experience. To give a competitive advantage, fashion brands are also adopting advanced technologies like AI, 3D, and robotics in fashion, which promotes Fashion 4.0.


Therefore, 2020 is witness to how apparel customization, combined with 3D visualization, will enhance customers’ online shopping experience.


The era of Apparel Design Software:


The customization of any product is a strategy which showcases the customer empowerment with the help of style ownership. Through personalization, customer can design their apparel by own, hence moving towards sustainable fashion. Rather than buying standard options available onboard, end-users can pick their styles and designs from the eStores and can customize it with the customization software. This trend has transformed the face of digital shopping as people prefer to craft their imagination into real-life products and can wear the apparel that fits perfectly with their personality. An end-user can make custom apparel with ease through apparel customization software.


Researches have proved that product optimization significantly affects sales and revenue. When customers have the option to choose the fabric, style, pattern, fit, color, and every minute detail, they are motivated to buy. Studied conducted by Deloitte shows that people are ready to pay premium prices for custom apparel and accessories.


Let’s unlock the dynamics of the 3D apparel design software and its role in enriching customer experience in 2020:


3D customization is an exceptionally trend-setting technology that empowers the end clients to see the 3D view on the apparel, accessories, etc. 3D Product Customization solution will take the optimization experience to the next level by enabling users to enjoy a 3D view on the product after every iteration. This will provide clarity and understanding of the product as they will have the option to imagine what the final product will resemble, which will help them with settling on quicker choices.


Innovation is the lifeline of any business. Brands investing in R&D come out as winners to deliver better value to their customers. 2020 will see how brands will use 3D technology to explore a new scope of capabilities.


Some significant benefits of 3D embedding in apparel customization in 2020:


Buying after viewing:


A significant portion of customers still believes in buying after seeing and feeling the product. 3D visualization enables users to touch and feel the product during online shopping, thereby increasing the audience base. They can rotate, zoom, and assemble their product across the screen with best in class resolutions.


On-Demand Manufacturing:


With the evolution of Industry 4.0, fashion is also heading towards Fashion 4.0, embracing disruptive technology. With 3D product customization abilities, customers are more tilted towards designing and ordering their products online, creating an inherent order economy.


Enticing Customers:


3D product customization comes with the feel-good factor for the business. When the market is filled with many brands, 3D capabilities can give unique status to your brand, which makes the customer happy.


3D Apparel Customization spreading wings in 2020:


With the advent of the most recent technologies, in 2020, brands will have the option to offer a wide variety of customized products, clothing, and accessories. Coupling their offering with 3D offering won’t just enhance sales yet, in addition, construct customer loyalty. Your brand can offer purses, caps, hats, mugs, gift boxes, pants, men shirts, socks, sports shoes, T-shirts, loafer shoes, polo T-shirts, wedding cards, tuxedos, suits, pants, hoodies, jackets, jewelry and a lot more to your end-users.


All you need is 3D Apparel Customization Software that can have cutting edge features to meet your clients’ requirements. iDesigniBuy is a leading name in the business with 3D customization and tailoring software solution to modify a wide scope of apparel, accessories, and other merchandise. Our specialists have immense industry experience and in-depth domain knowledge, hence assisting the customer from idea inception in terms of projecting execution.


Get in touch with us today and let your customers appreciate 3D online shopping in 2020.