How Apparel ERP Transforms Business Model?

Apparel ERP is a business process management software that is designed and customized for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in the apparel industry. As we all know, ERP is a powerful tool that allows enterprises to manage and automate operations through integrated applications or modules. The Apparel ERP applications enable the integration of applications and modules that are related to supply chain, sourcing, logistics, design & product development, business intelligence, and many more.


Similarly, the online apparel design software can be easily integrated with an apparel ERP to streamline the entire production process.


How Apparel ERP Transforms the Business Model?

Understanding Apparel ERP’s functionalities were easy, and hence, it becomes essential to choose the right kind of apparel solution for your business. For this purpose, you need to have a clear understanding of all the criteria that will influence the decision-making process.  The apparel ERP software that you implement can improve overall operations and efficiencies, freeing up resources and enabling your business to grow and win new avenues. Selecting the right apparel ERP solution for your business’ specific needs is critical. Making the wrong choice can be costly in implementation hours, user adoption hours, business inefficiencies, and potentially even replacement costs.


Implementing the right kind of apparel ERP can improve the user interface drastically, as 86% of the customers will pay more for better customer experience. The customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator among consumers by 2020.


Whether your business has recently grown to the threshold that necessitates choosing and implementing your very first ERP solution, or you have come to recognize that your old legacy ERP system cannot meet your needs any longer. You’re ready to upgrade; there are specific selection criteria that you should consider in your decision-making process. To find the right apparel ERP solution for your company, you need to consider all of your present and future needs and goals.


Here are the criteria that need to be considered to get a clear understanding of the needs and goals of the Apparel ERP:


  • Understanding Business Requirements


The Apparel ERP software is specifically designed to fit customer’s fashion and lifestyle, and your business industry needs. While considering any ERP, you may want to choose based on its specific applications and modules.  For this reason, you may want to commence with a standalone application that may integrate several other situations requirements. Therefore, you must know those requirements.


ERP can be used to streamline operations and improve efficiencies in financial data, accounting, inventory, ordering, logistics, production, project planning, and even design. ERP can also help improve customer experience, customer relationship management, and Business Intelligence. Understanding your specific business needs and which ERP modules make sense for your company is the first step.


  • More of an Investment


Cost is an essential factor that needs consideration as it helps to understand the purchasing and implementing strategies for businesses. When it is implemented correctly, it leads to long-term benefits and significant ROI.


Business houses should keep in mind that lower costs of ERPs are correlated with poorer software functionalities, including support, and implementation. You reap what you sow turns out to be right in the case of the Apparel ERPs. A functionally-rich ERP that addresses your unique business needs while giving you the modular flexibility to scale when you are ready will leave your company poised to grow and thrive. The online apparel design software remains in sync with ERP and help you grow in the market.


  • User-Friendly Software


Enterprise Resource Planning is generally employed by large scale organizations that have a dedicated team of specialists to handle the application. Besides these people who manage its deployment, configuration, and many more, it is ultimately used by many customers. Thus, it would be wise to involve all stakeholders and potential users in the process by creating a project evaluation team.


The representatives from various significant departments and business functions should be involved in the selection process as early as possible. They may offer valuable insights about enterprise software on the day-to-day operational level that you had not considered. Importantly, their involvement will result in higher levels of buy-in and adoption when you do select your ERP.


  • Scalability 


ERP software applications typically consist of individual business process modules that can be integrated. Sometimes specific modules can be implemented as standalone products. You may decide that your business requires only one or two modules at present to improve operations, or you may see value in integrating multiple modules to automate and manage more business processes.


The bottom line is that if you think an Apparel ERP solution is the right move for your business, be sure to consider all the deciding factors that are relevant before you select your ERP provider. iDesigniBuy offers comprehensive solutions with online custom apparel design software backed by apparel ERP to help you propel in the market. Our comprehensive ERP strategies will take your apparel business to new heights.


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