Product Customization Software

Are You Thinking About Product Customization Software for Your E-store?

Are you an e-commerce store owner or in charge of the sales department of any of the e-store? Do you want to increase your revenue through more engagement and loyalty? Do you want customers to own the products? Are You Thinking About Customization? There are a lot of these kinds of questions. The best answer is adding product customization software Solution to your online store. However adding one is a big step, not only in terms of the implementation but also in terms of user experience and production.

Product Customization Software

Why Product Customization Sofware?

Until the end of the first decade of 21st century, neither the brick and mortar stores nor the online stores provided product customization to ordinary people. However, the development of software and design has made it easy and feasible than before.

Now the customers can personalize the product color, design, functionalities, and add-on features right from the online store. In this way, not only the tailor-made product is likable, it’s unique as well. All that said, product customization has allowed E-commerce stores to attract more customers and thus making them happy and satisfied. One thing is common between all these successful customizable e-commerce stores that their easy-to-design feature. As most business people tend to provide as many options as possible to their clients.

Important Factors to be Considered Before You Make the Move

Yes. Online product customization software solves real-world business problems. So in this blog, we cover certain core aspects that should be considered before going for product customization software.

1. Know Your Customers

Have you done enough research to know your target audience? If you did already then you have won the half battle. You should collect as much information as possible to understand end users and their requirements. Knowing your customers will help to answer questions such as- Do they really need product configurator software?

2. What will be the Features?

When you wish to incorporate product customization into your online store you should have full control over the customization options. Having many features and plethora of options confuses the user. You also have to consider from the production point of view, as you need to deliver the customized product without affecting your marginal price.

3. Price Point

Customers are ready to spend 20% higher on customized products. The price difference between customized and regular product must be reasonable. If you offer too high price then customers will go to your competitor’s site, too low a price and you leave money on the table. Though it is tough to come up with winning price point, in the beginning, you can perform various A/B testing on product pricing and find the best one suitable for you.

4. Deciding on the Product

Implementing product customization is a decision that will impact the way you do business. It is a very important decision that could affect your bottom line, hence let price not be the only parameter to decide the product.

Consider the company that develops the product, its core strengths, how long it has been in the market, its clients, the customer service, new feature releases, the ease of implementation, customization etc.

SaaS-based products are the best as they are cost-effective and the new features/functionalities get automatically updated for all the users. The main advantage of SaasS is that you get to have the latest and best features as per the industry’s best practices with no long-term commitment. We strongly suggest you consider SaasS based product customization software.


Before the industrial revolution, the products were handmade and made-to-order. With the advent of the assembly line and technological advancements, all products were commoditized. Product customization tool is the future and way forward, Think through the points that we have just discussed before you make the call.

If you have any queries or requirement of product customization tools, do not hesitate to mail or call us. We will be more than happy to help you.