Bags Designing Software Helps Brands to Explore New Digital Avenues

As they say, the right time is now. After a year pandemic induced lockdown worldwide, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in the latest technology that caters to the needs of modern-day buyers and help luxury brands explore new economic possibilities. Helping luxury labels to meet these new requirements is the handbag design software that holds expertise in providing customization solutions, allowing your audiences to design and view the customized purses, handbags, backpacks in 3d.  

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Bags Designing Software Enables Brands to Embrace the Digital Change 

The fashion industry has the most affected sector by the pandemic. Governments across the globe had to impose strict lockdowns; as a result, physical stores were shut, which resulted in plummeting revenue as well production and distribution processes. The stocked inventory forced the luxury brands to transform their bottom line and implement digital solutions to help them reduce the load. As the sector embraces fast digitization, several brands have commenced the launch of their collections through digital platforms. Fashion fairs across the globe use digital technology to pop up, and they require innovative solutions that can exchange the normal catwalks and the entire ecosystem. The sector feels the need for digital solutions to manage the new reality now more than ever. 

Many luxury brands rely on the modern techniques of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to boost their sales. If you are wondering how these companies are doing it, you have come to the right destination as; in the current blog, we shall highlight numerous instances to gain more awareness on how brands are thriving using innovative solutions. Let us dive in. 

Here are some of the examples that highlight the importance of implementing digital solutions: 

  • Reduce Online Returns  

As we know, online shopping is booming, and spending is set to rise 11.5 percent to 11.6 trillion dollars in 2021. In fact, new research by Juniper Research highlights the success of digital solutions during the pandemic spurring consumer behavior will become increasingly digitally-led, rather than reverting to pre-pandemic norms. Thus, it is crucial for brands to install technologies that support these changes and entirely revamp their bottom line. Thebackpack design software is one such modern tool that enables bag manufacturers and retailers to transform their entire supply chain with its digital solution. The software allows buyers to design, imprint, and customize their preferred handbags as their personality and make bold fashion statements. 

As buyers are more into buying online, it is understandable they don’t have the exact idea how the product will look like. Buyers won’t step out to buy things, and we have to accept the act that post-pandemic life would always be about social distancing, and therefore, the luxury brands, such as purse manufacturers, have to ensure they rewire their operating system, enabling them to offer flexibility, take a quicker decision. These models are also helpful for customers as they can also see what they are buying and purchase things that meet their requirements. For example, JW Anderson has launched a pop-up store connected with an AR agency that triggers the AR visuals by using QR codes.  

  • Lure-In Your Customers  

Since the reopening of the fashion market, many luxury brands are testing waters for the post-pandemic physical stores by reimagining the entire shopping experience with augmented and virtual reality. Some labels are getting the hang of the latest technology while others are implementing the already tried-and-tested pop-up concepts. No matter the size of a company, everyone is trying to create and offer something new and unique with digital capabilities such as AR and VR at its core. For example, Burberry recently opened its global pop-ups, and it was cleverly timed with the brand’s new Olympia bag. It opens in Harrods with an AR experience for its buyers and fills the colors into the infamous Greek Elpis statue in a Pokémon Go-style digital dimension. 

The strategy is a masterstroke for Burberry as it brings back the global customer to their brick-and-mortar stores while also promoting their business. Newness and exclusivity are essential as the bag will be launched first at Harrods with exclusive colors and styles. Besides, Burberry’s pop-up will also be rolled out in Macau, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong this summer. 


It’s a well-known fact that several luxury labels understand and utilize effective digital solutions to win the race and emerge as pioneers in the future. They will always be ready to embrace the change within their space. The brands operating in the luxury sector should realize that they are no longer mere companies accountable for performing within limited capacities. They now need to explore more options and avenues that provide an effective backbone to their business. For the present situation and in the coming days, brands will need to step up and implement digital solutions to boost sales and be always ready to grapple with any circumstance in the future. The purse design software by iDesigniBuy offers similar modern and relevant solutions that will enable them to manage inventory, purchase, fulfillment, and automate business. The tool is the epitome in providing digital techniques that enable consumers to customize and view the product in 3d.  

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