Polo T-shirts Customization Tool

Polo Shirt customization is developed in WordPress WooCommerce Platform. The polo shirt customization is integrated with balata website on clients demand. The platform consist of three categories as men, women, and children. User will select the category, sleeves and fabric type. Taking into consideration further, he can apply rich colors on different areas of Polo Shirt. Add max 4 letters initials and the numbers and save your design. Share your designed Polo shirt on Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter and google with your loved ones. Mail your design to your friends by entering their email address and description.


Polo Shirt customization tool is mainly developed for Golf players (Game).Many Golf players look for a unique style when it comes to have a golf tournament. If your team is coming to cheer you so why not plan something like to buy a bulk of Polo Shirts for your family & friends? Finding a right Polo shirt in market is difficult now-a-days as we require more time to find it. Studying each and every person’s need to buy a polo shirt and finding it is not an easy task. Someone needs their name initials or their favorite number, someone wants their sleeves to be short or someone wants their sleeves to be long. Different people have different perspective for sleeves, colors, initials and numbers. In past days, White was the only standard color for Polo Shirts but presently some brands offer Polo Shirt different colors but still customer doesn’t get want they are looking for. Big brand vendor offers colors but they don’t offer your initials and number on polo shirt as per your choice.


We have implemented a Polo Shirt customization tool which can be beneficial for both user’s i.e. big brand vendors and end users which are customers. Big brand vendors can integrate such tool to get more outcome revenue, while customers get many options to combine the colors on different areas and get the different customized polo shirt as per their choice. It let the user to add quantity of Shirts as per the different sizes. System also allows the big brand vendors to manage the price of Polo shirt through price calculator.


This system fulfills the day to day need of customers, which is time. By this system customer can order a customized polo shirt for special days like Sports day, any team tournament etc. It allows customer to order customized polo shirt online without charging extra fees and without investing more time. It will be delivered right to their doorstep. With the help of this he can get high quality of polo shirt. If the customer feels unsatisfied he can return the order and ask for refund.