CYC Singapore

CYC, Singapore

Contribution to client’s business


With a growing international & online presence, CYC has a strong desire to boost their revenue & create a strong presence in the tailoring industry on a global spectrum. After carrying out healthy market research, CYC along with its IT partner, reached out to iDesigniBuy to construct an ecommerce site with custom shirt design software. iDesigniBuy is a renowned product customization software company, providing its product designing software in multiple industry such as tailoring, fashion, apparel, shoes, web2print, furniture and jewellery. By understanding the full set of requirements we provided a superior ecommerce solution and implemented the online shirt designer software adding immediate value to their online business.

We Served As a Helping Hand to Our Client’s Business


CYC is a Singapore based tailoring store that deals in the business of tailoring shirts for customers and has been around for the past for more than 80 years. Chiang Yick Ching was a renowned tailor in Singapore and well respected for his work with men’s clothing. He had become the pioneer to offer tailor-made shirts online in Singapore. Through our designer solution, they were able to offer complete freedom to their end users. Users were now able to design shirts of their own choice. Once, the user gets to accomplish the design they can directly place an order.

Business Problem
CYC was seeking to meet strong online presence for worldwide users to their tailoring store. CYC wanted to develop their website & wished to integrate such kind of tool where users can design shirts online in a very easy and convenient way by selecting the style, fabric & the accent of their own choice and customize them accordingly. In the meantime, they could make the order and get their customized shirts delivered to their doorstep.

iDesigniBuy Solution

In context to meet CYC demands, our technically proficient development and design team communicated daily members of CYC to carry out their requirements with high efficiency. As per their requirement, we developed an ecommerce website and integrated an exclusive online shirt designing tool, where users can design their shirt in a step-by-step method to avoid any obstacles or hassles.

iDesigniBuy offers Shirt designer software which enables the end-users:

• To select different styles, fabric, accent as per their choice

• To select the size of Shirt according to their body measurement

• View shirt in 5 angular views design before placing order


iDesigniBuy delivered CYC a fully-featured custom Shirt designer tool along with an ecommerce website within minimum turnaround time.


iDesigniBuy offers customers a range of business benefits including:

• Customization options as per your business needs

• Access to manage customers designs in the back-end for tailoring

• Amazing software which can be integrated with any website or e-commerce platform

• Guaranteed Higher Conversion Rates and Revenue

• Adaptable to all gadgets and browsers as a designer tool built on JavaScript/HTML5