FPS Apparel

FPS Apparel, United States

Contribution to client’s business


FPS Apparel is a company that specialized in manufacturing & supplying of apparels. FPS approached iDesigniBuy in hopes of integrating an expedient web-based online designing tool. This tool would be responsible for creating innovative, exclusive and user-personalized apparels. iDesigniBuy is a renowned product customization software company, providing its product designing software in multiple industry such as tailoring, fashion, apparel, shoes, web2print, furniture and jewellery. According to the necessities and requisites asked by FPS Apparel, iDesigniBuy integrated unique, user-friendly, robust online hoodie designer software which provides their website users an innovative and exciting platform for creating personalized hoodie designs of their own choice.

We Served As a Helping Hand to Our Client’s Business

FPS Apparel is a US-based successful ecommerce platform that has been selling of apparel since 1999. As FPS is a company built on design, they believe a logo, pattern, or design on a piece of clothing should be a way to express your own uniqueness and individuality. At FPS, they want to help their users to build the perfect product to express yourself so FPS custom manufacturing allows their end users to bring life designs that fit them, their brand, or their users. At FPS Apparel, an end user can create highly personalized hoodies simply by using an interactive online custom hoodie designer software. Also, this can directly make an order by making an online payment.

Business Problem

FPS Apparel, when contacted iDesigniBuy, was an already established ecommerce business offering online designing of apparels. The software which was integrated on the FPS site for designing of apparels was too slow which directly affected their business revenue. They contacted iDesigniBuy in October 2017, and iDesigniBuy performed a demo of its already developed hoodie designer tool. FPS was greatly impressed with the software. FPS requested iDesigniBuy to customize & integrate hoodie designer tool as per their requirements in the shorter time span of 6 weeks.

iDesigniBuy Solution

After detailed discussions with FPS Apparel, our ‘Hoodie designer software’ solution seemed to be a perfect fit for the business requirements. Part of this was because it came with an HTML5 design studio that covered almost all of the product personalization features they desired and offered an excellent user experience. As per their requirement, we attempted to integrate an exclusive online hoodie designing tool, where users can design their hoodie in an easier way without any hassle.

We Offer Hoodie designer software which enables the end-users:

• To add material fabric, logo, symbols, and apply different colors on hoodie

• To select the size of Hoodie according to their body measurement

• Preview Hoodie design before placing order

• Offers feasibility for users to erase the designs & start designing hoodie again

• Use general functions such as rotate, share the design to social media, add to cart, etc.


iDesigniBuy assisted FPS Apparel by integrating the custom designer software to their website on time. After we integrated the designer tool, FPS Apparel noticed unbelievable growth in their business. The client’s end user found their hoodie designer tool very easy with its new features and did so without any issues. Today, FPS Apparel is enjoying great popularity among the targeted set of the audience engaged in creating personalized hoodies. FPS has also requested iDesigniBuy to provide customized solutions for other apparels that they offer. With the solution developed by iDesigniBuy, it became very simple and easy for end users to apply fabric inner lining, color, logo, symbol for their selected hoodie. Our advanced online hoodie design Software allows the user to get a preview of their design prior to purchase directly through the site by making payment through a secured payment gateway.


iDesigniBuy offers customers a range of business benefits including:

• Stronger Online Presence

• Loaded with enormous customization features like image uploading, color gallery, clipart, and font gallery

• Developed specifically for the apparel industry

• Increase in the website traffic

• End users can showcase their creativity by designing the hoodie with their own liking

• Streamlining the Order Process

• Advanced Control Panel

• Multi-language Support

• Guaranteed Higher Conversion Rates and Revenue