Wall Customization Tool

This is a customization tool which provides the platform where users can customize the personalize Wall with various predefined categories. Design and personalization of the ascents will be very fresh and elegant as per desired color, texts and textures. At last, the system will be developed with attractive, interactive, user-friendly and robust front-end design with powerful and dynamic admin panel.


As we know that the industry is as dynamic as it is fast growing. Important changes come under both in customer behaviour as well as in the industry itself when time changes. Earlier, when online purchasing was a new concept, the number of shoppers was less, but eventually a strong affinity towards online shopping was viewed. The house which is a place where people relax after coming back from the office and live with their family, share their thoughts with the family. We can say a house is a main need of every person so before making their dream house people think deeply about it. Every person thinks that our house should be more attractive and beautiful and the wall of the house is a main because 4 wall makes a house complete so people thinks our wall should be very attractive and eye- caching. Architectures also want a system from where they can get ideas to make their home as per their client’s requirement. They also want a system which can be helpful to promote their business by which they can easily get profit, because making any Home as per customers expectation is quite impossible. All potential customers are out there browsing the internet, searching for that type of wall which can be exactly as like he/she dreaming. Professionals also wants a platform where they can show their specialization which can be observed by the customer and they easily get noticed by customers by which they can earn money.


We have made a system from where customers can design and customize their wall as per their choice. From wall customization tool customer can select wall size for what they want to customize as per their choice. After selecting a wall size they can design whole wall with the help of given multiple functionality on the tool. From the tool customer can add wall colors, text layers, embellishment layer, font type, font size. Customer can also add clip art, rotate the text and art, can delete the added text and style and align the text and art as per their choice. After receiving any order from the customer the wall constructor and wall designer will receive the requirement and send the team to make the wall as customers design with the help of customization tool. If any contractor, architect or painter plan to build a new online e-commerce website or need to revamp their current website with new value added features then our online wall customization tool will be gift to their customers. This feature-rich wall customization software tool helps customer to customize online wall. It provides end users with numerous choices to create an attractive wall in just a few minutes. This is the perfect wall design tool that enables contractor, architect or painter to sell the custom wall.


This system fulfills the day to day need of customers, which is time. By this system customer can ask for a customized wall for their special one or for themselves. This wall customization system allows customer to order customized wall online, the team will come right to their doorstep and create a wall as you design with the help of wall customization tool. This system allows for their user to customize wall online any time and from anywhere. This system is beneficial for both customer and contractor, architect or painter. By using this customization tool, customer don’t need to go in any shop to for designing any wall.