Customized Fashion gets momentum as COVID-19 Spreads

In the fast-paced and stressful lives, people always find a way to cheer themselves. And when it comes to fashion, there is absolutely nothing in this world that can stop fashionistas. As the coronavirus is spreading all across the globe, so is the concept of boogie fever face mask—there people

Custom Design Boost Fashion During COVID-19

who have found a way to make even a face mask trendy and customizable.

Recent Trends Prompt Installation of Custom Design Software


Recently, an opening party was organized for the Brooklyn Museum’s “Studio 54: Night Magic” exhibit. The theme of the part was ongoing pandemic, COVID-19. Several partygoers were spotted flashing their themed face coverings. There were two attendees, Gary Goldenstein and Allison Eden, who caught everyone’s attention. The duos wore a matching pair of disco-balls masks to the gala and told paparazzi the potentially deadly virus inspired their coordinated glitterati garb. When asked how did they manage to wear a customized face cover, Eden was quick to respond and said, “It took me a day and a half to make each one. I feel if you have to wear a face mask now, why not make it fabulous? Why not make disco balls?”

This isn’t the first time when somebody tried to make a precautionary measure and turn it into a trendy fashion. Celebrities from Billie Eilish to Steve Harvey, 63, have donned tricked-out face masks. Eilish wore a mask that matched with her suit, and green hair on the Grammy’s red carpet this year. The custom- made trend spreads from the streets of New York to partiers, influencers, and models on runways around the world.  Samia Alzakleh, a Jordan designer, took a step further and encouraged people to remain safe by donning face covers made with Swarovski crystals. The designer says it takes her about more than three hours to make and features hundreds of colorful jewels.

The masks are designed so beautifully that they can be gifted to family members and friends. The designer has proved it used and presented them a number of her influencers and celebrities, including May Hariri, Ghada El Tally, Wadih Elnajjar, and Joelle Mardinian. Of late, Elnajjar, the Dubai-based photographer, posted his photo wearing the life-saving mask on Instagram with the caption “Be safe in style.” It’s evident panicking about the disease doesn’t have to come at the cost of customers having some fun with their style.

As the mask trend is emerging, it is creating a room full of possibilities for ventures, innovations, revenues for the market players in the fashion domain. The fashionable face masks have been popular in Asia for quite some time due to pollution, climate change, and other health scares. Two U.S. companies have dominated this industry, viz., 02Today, and Vogmask. The latter started in 2011 primarily for festival-goers in the desert but was quick to adapt and serve for health and humanitarian crises.

For the COVID-19, there no medicines and vaccines available; only donning a mask is a solution that can prevent the disease from spreading. When people are wearing it daily and for public gathering, then why not make it stylish. If these face covers could be customized, it is a bonus for the company. It gets buyers the best of both worlds, that is health care, and fashion.

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