International Womens’ Day: Custom Design Software for Modern Women

As International Women’s Day is approaching, the fashion brands have started to release attractive offers to celebrate this day while relishing milestone women have achieved throughout the decade. Today’s women are


International Womens’ Day Custom Design Software for Modern Women


fearless, ambitious, empowered, and unapologetic, and still, they have to collide with time and again. And what’s better than the fashion industry to depict these changes. The online custom design software understands the changing time and needs that women look for by empowering them to adorn their personality with pride and style. Women have been striving for equality for many years, but now time has changed. Centuries back, they had to dress with a protocol and clash of styles, and unexpected pairings were considered lousy. Since then, the time has changed, and women have moved from old patriarchal to a new free era which results in the change of attitude. The modern women are not bounded, instead they are free to mark their presence with elegance and power.

They are the inspiration behind brands who are keen to nurture and celebrate the spirit of women.


Recently, Louis Vuitton launched its fall-winter depicting a similar theme for 2020 at Women’s Fashion Show Collection.  Their latest collection is like a sartorial tune-up in which personality takes precedence: every woman can pen their history. Not just the leading brands are indulged; many women entrepreneurs have started their ventures supporting females to gain financial independence.

A well-known example is a boutique called, Matriark. The boutique owned by all women is a year older, where women can find their high-end fashion designs, lifestyle products. The products are selected for females belonging to all walks of life, such as companies, brands, and artists. The store celebrates inspiring leaders from the past and present. Thus, the above trends indicate rising demands and necessities of women provide a vast platform for other fashion brands to join the league.


Implementing Custom Design Software to Cater to Women’s Changing Demands


The online custom design software helps the budding apparel manufacturers to customize their style, including clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry, among others. They have asked to follow and do what they are told, but imagine how empowered they would feel if they get an opportunity to customize their style and show the world what they can do.

Let’s walk through some of the essential factors that impact women’s behavior when purchasing:


  • Simplicity

Simplicity can never go out of style. Good dressing sense doesn’t always mean having to wear sassy clothes. Simplicity stands out from the crowd and stays in the market forever. Elegant dresses give customers one of a kind and offering them a seamlessly unique swag. Modesty has a different meaning for every individual but played an essential role in women’s fashion.


  • Cultural Differences

Every culture and society have their norm. In some countries, showing off legs, shoulders, and back is frowned upon while some states have changed with time and impose no strict policies on women and clothes they prefer to wear. Take Hijab for example, where women have to cover most of their bodies in the public domain, which in turn created a wide-ranging market of lengthy and concealing garments in cotton, wool, polyester, silk, rayon, and denim. Standard attire includes Hijab under scarves, long lycra gloves, abayas (long cloak-like garments), and jilbabs (outer- and overgarments including long robes and coats).


  • Empowerment

When women know they are being heard and respected for their opinion, thus making them loyal towards your brand. It is also assumed women have bigger social groups and like to share every minute detail of their lives. Their tendency to sharing works in favor of leading fashion houses because after customizing their looks, they want to share it with the world. It also helps in creating buzz around your product and which improves brand position, revenue, loyalty, and many other factors.


  • Cost and Personalization

Women are intelligent to understand and realize who is trying to fool them and an over-priced product. To ensure women remain connected to your brand, offer them a reasonable rate, though they are in a better position to pay premium prices, but why take chances. Apart from the cost, they also look for brands that offer a personal touch. Nothing cheers up the mad mood than asking, “How are you doing today?” Providing them personalized services, engaging them in style selection, and communicating with them on daily live events leave a good impression on them.


Features of the Custom Design Software


  • The tool understands what women want, and by implementing it on your website, you give women a chance to customize their styles, such as clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry.


  • It allows them to select trendy products and take help from the style guides to improve their style.


  • It enables them to preview the product before buying and also lets them cut, undo, and redo.


  • It helps you to widen the customers as the software comes in French, German, and Arabic languages other than English.


iDesigniBuy offers plenty of software products to the fashion houses who wish to capture and capitalize on the needs of today’s women. We provide online handbag custom software, jewelry design software, apparel software, footwear software. Anything women need, we offer custom software for it.


If you, too, wish to thrive in the fashion market and have products that women would love.

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