Top 4 Ways to Control Fast-Fashion with Custom Shoe Designing

As people are becoming more environmentally aware, fashion brands are moving away from mass-production. And recent events have accelerated ethical fashion demand and impacted the fast fashion. When we talk about fashion, it is not only factory workers who are getting laid off. Other personnel in the fashion industry, such as delivery and logistics staff, are also facing the brunt of the Coronavirus. Suppose we tell you we have a solution that will solve all these problems. In that case, the shoe design software offers various customization features that enable brands to let their buyers get closer to nature and celebrate their fashion sense.

 Top 4 Ways to Control Fast-Fashion with Custom Shoe Designing (2)

Custom Shoe Designing Helps Brands in Resolving Fast-Fashion Problems


Factories that survived waves of order cancellations at the beginning of Covid-19 are struggling to stay afloat as orders shrink or disappear, and prices fall, stoking fears that environmental initiatives and workers’ rights and wages will suffer. According to Fashion United, the global luxury market faced a single hit in Q2, showing even robust businesses like LVMH and Kering are facing startling revenue drops. While the world eschews buying more clothes and accessories, in favor of sweat pants and comfort items, like shoes, fashion brands are treading water for survival and fortifying their web presence to try and make online sales a primary channel.


Here is what you need to do?

  • Control Mass Producing 


There is no denying that wasted resources are built into the system. Imagine if upwards of 25 percent more revenue could be allocated to nurturing talent, sustainable sourcing, or operational development—all of which the fashion industry has become notorious for neglecting in recent years. For a company like H&M, sending the excess stock to the incinerator was one way of dealing with mountains of unsold clothes. The counter-narrative of the concept would be customization, which helps brands control production. The customize shoes online, works on a similar platform allows brands to let their buyers create their fashion sense with utmost ease and freedom.

Athleta, a sports apparel and footwear brand, has pledged to reduce 70% of the shipping packaging wasting caused due to mass-production. By investing in renewable energy, the partnership will offset the power of the company stores by 2020.

  • Adopt New Age Technology 


The recent technological innovation has put the fashion industry in a safer spot. Through the digital medium, they can show their collections and use them to enhance the customer experience. Consider Kanye West, for example, has once again taken to his social media accounts to show off a new Adidas Yeezy prototype.



The silhouette, which doesn’t have a name yet, looks a hybrid between a slip-on model and a high-top. The main body seems to be crafted from the same material used to construct the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner, while the ankle portion appears to be made from canvas and leather. Such innovation can take the luxury market new heights, and they no longer have to worry about changing trends. They merely need to upgrade their technology.


  • Resolve the Problem of Inventory 


The same article by Fashion United revealed that when a smaller brand launches itself in the market for the first time, they have to produce 300 units of one style. This goes to show how massively brands need to create or else face financial penalties. Though this is the crux of the fashion industry, we have to find solutions that help deal with this problem. Customization could be a way to solve this as brands while stating out have to buy loads of fabric without knowing the design and style in which fabric will sell.

With customization, this problem could be resolved as buyers could design their apparel with those already bought fabrics.


  • Join Forces with Others 


If you believe that changing too much of the business model could harm you, you can also start with the baby steps—forming a partnership with someone who already holds expertise. To second the notion, here is the case of premium shoe brand Yogi Footwear has launched a collaboration with outdoor brand Hikerdelic on a three-piece collection, inspired by “city streets meets the great outdoors” for autumn/winter 2020. According to Paul Batista, head of sales at Yogi, the company plans to move closer to nature, and this partnership is a way to achieve its target.



It is Your Call-


The fashion industry needs to reconsider its perspective on which changes should be made in order to give fashion a fighting chance. At this moment, customization, along with digital technology, can solve all problems. The design your own shoes online by iDesigniBuy works in a similar way and enables shoe brands to let their customers come with unique ideas to customize their footwear.

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