Custom Shoe Designing Helps Brands Bring-out the Best in Customers

As TikTok changed its fashion strategy, many luxury brands came in awe. The video-sharing app has the potential to influence a vast customer base and is a great tool to gain momentum in the market. Though the app’s existence becomes a question mark, this new strategy changes its landscape, and numerous brands are trying to appease TikTok stars. The 3d shoe design software offers a modern customization solution to brands that will let its buyers become influencers on their own.

 Custom Shoe Designing Helps Brands Bring-out the Best in Customers


Custom Shoe Designing Assists Brands to Let Customers Become Influencers 


During the pandemic, TikTok has encouraged a pivot to fashion by recruiting established influencers to join the app and helping luxury brands launch TikTok accounts, collaborations, and campaigns. Many leading brands have launched their report this year, while some are sponsoring or collaborating with them. The USA based label, Abercrombie & Fitch’s daughter company Hollister is joining forces with TikTok Stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, along with brand ambassador Noah Pugliano, for Back-to-School campaign.

With 800 million active users, TikTok’s vast audience and popularity with Gen Z customers make it a competitive force to Instagram, which has long been fashion’s de facto social media platform, thanks to its focus on commerce and visual layout.


Let’s find out how social media influencers can add value to luxury brands:

  • Helps Promoting Various Styles


The video-sharing app has very open-minded in reference to the fashion content. It has various formats that help fashionistas show their style, but the one that has most impacted the business of luxury brands is that it includes quickly changing attire at the beat. Brazilian influencer Camila Coelho has 672,000 followers and has since created sponsored TikTok content with Stuart Weitzman, and gifted unboxing content for Louis Vuitton.


TikTok inspires luxury brands to provide tips on how they should post their content on social media handles and highlight how they can merge educational content with fun videos. Tools like TikTok for Business, which assists brands with video production, and the TikTok creator marketplace, which helps them find high-impact influencers to collaborate with on the app, are available to encourage participation.



  • Engages Gen Z Customers  


It’s evident that the video-sharing app provides a vast platform to high-end brands in engaging younger customers. A video showing the making of the new Dior Bobby flap bag for Autumn/Winter 2020, has garnered 2.3 million views.

Though luxury brands, fashion brands, and TikTok luxury together have occupied an ample space in the online world, they still have a lower presence and lesser impact on TikTok compared with other platforms. To help the brand increase its influence on the social media platform, we offer design your own sneakers online for social media influencers and their customers. With the help of a customization tool, the footwear brands can let their buyers create personal style statements and enable them to become one of the influencers.


  • Brings in Huge Competition from Other Platforms


It is highly anticipated that TikTok would be banned in the USA; therefore, many of its users (generally younger population) are ready to switch platforms. They are already well-equipped to survive a ban as they can change to VPNs to access communities. Besides, Instagram is launching TikTok-like video feature Reels in August in the US after testing it in Brazil. The social media company has already approached TikTok creators and offered financial incentives to try the new feature.


Short-video platforms like Byte, Triller, and Dubsmash could also take up the torch in the event of a ban. The stars on TikTok, who have built a tremendous following, can re-channelize their energy on established platforms, like YouTube. The podium well known to the people, majorly accessible, more stable, and profitable with its straightforward pay-for-views system.




Closing Comments 


Various apps come and go, but they impact luxury brands’ businesses the most. They train the younger population, create style icons among them, and broaden the scope of trading. The possible US ban on TikTok has got influencers worried, but not too much as they are mentally prepared and know how to conquer the market; therefore, brands try to bring them in and show them as the company’s face. Many experts believe that labels should never entirely focus on one platform and instead invest in solutions that will help them grow in the market. And one such solution is customize shoes online by iDesigniBuy as it allows luxury companies to let their customers learn to style themselves and become impactful on their own. The tool enables brands to let buyers become independent and show their fashion sense to the world.


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