Custom Tailoring Software Helps Pivoting the Fashion Trends

This year has been a roller coaster for the fashion industry. The brands have seen from great heights in terms of great technological advancements and downside with respect to store closures and bankruptcies. And let bygone be bygone. In such scenarios, customization is the best choice available to apparel brands to keep their show running even in adverse situations. Many fashion-tech brands are providing innovative solutions to help companies again stand on their toes. The 3d clothing design online is a leading customization software enabling companies to let their customers design their apparel and preview it with digital technology.


Custom Tailoring Software Enabling Brands to Rise Amid the Uncertainties 


Since everything was locked, more brands have recently dabbled in direct-to-consumer with their own websites. But they faced many challenges as running a direct-to-consumer business is extravagant and a massive customer base. These conditions prompted brands to move to retailers as they can give a push to their sales and expose their brand. Now, in addition to canceling orders, retailers have also started discounting to get rid of old stock. Independent concept stores, many of which rely more on physical retail than e-commerce, are even folding, unable to pay brands. Independent and mid-sized brands, reliant on these sales channels, can first feel the loss of cash flow, but there are ways to protect their businesses.


Let look at the ways to protect businesses amid tension:


  • Turn to Eco-Friendly Measures 


When the orders are canceled, brands must find ways to appeal to the same customer with different priorities, and turning to sustainable measures will help them in the long run. Take Wrangler‘s case; it is celebrating the benefits of regeneratively grown cotton through a new jean it plans to develop. The denim brand is seeking new cotton farmers with whom to partner, specifically those who can demonstrate and document soil-carbon and biodiversity improvements. It is evident from the case study that quick pivots are crucial to survival in the current environment.


Sustainability is the sure-shot success mantra that will always touch customers’ nerves as they are more aware of the changing climate and what brands are doing to grapple with it.


  • Become Seasonless


After panicked cancellations of orders in March and April, brands thought they could return to the market where there would be lots of leftover inventory. But the situation was a lot different than what they had anticipated, and therefore shunning the seasonality trend will help brands to let buyers any apparel any time. Experts forecast more brands adopting a more trendless, seasonal approach, with collections driven by the designer’s vision rather than one based on seasonal trends. Gauge81, a women’s brand founded by Monika Silva and known for its eveningwear, pivoted to more everyday items, like a black ribbed jersey top. It was no longer about designing for seasons, but what would work for her consumers globally.


Adopting customization is another way to get rid of the seasons and the trends following it. For example, the 3d clothing design software allows brands to let customers create their style irrespective of what is going on in the fashion industry. The tool enables your buyers to become trendsetters and start influencing other potential customers through their fashion sense.


  • Join Stronger Forces


When it is unclear where to go and what to do, join hands with a stronger brand during the uncertain times. According to Silva and Quinn, they have relied on long-term partnerships with the right luxury retailers. Independent fashion collective Vaquera was recently added to Dover Street Market’s umbrella. Unlike other brands stocked by the retailer, DSM will help to produce and distribute about half of Vaquera’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection and distribute the couture pieces it makes itself.


Such partnerships are essential, especially as big brands like Prada and LVMH-owned Dior are increasingly pulling back on wholesale accounts and focusing on their direct-to-consumer channels.


The Ball is in Your Court-

From the above paragraphs and facts, it is evident that everyone needs to work closely irrespective of bands’ size and value. Since it is an unprecedented calamity and nobody really knows what should be the future strategy, brands need a find common ground where all can prosper in healthy competition. Over the past eight months, what has occurred can only be adequately dealt if brands adopt novel technology to give their economy a push. And customization is the best alternative that will enable fashion brands to let go of their traditional production and sales methods. The fashion design software by iDesigniBuy helps apparel houses to let their customers design their clothes as per personality, preference, and fashion sense.

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