Custom Tailoring Software Providing Robust Solutions to Dominate the Apparel Market

The apparel market holds so much potential and captivates everyone’s attention. There are enormous brands in the sector, and one might wonder do we need another company to step onto this section that can provide something different to the audience. To everyone’s surprise, we need companies that can provide top-notch services to customers while also maintaining ethical standards. The apparel labels need fashion tech-companies to achieve this target and work on robust solutions to scale-up their businesses. The 3d clothing design online is one such fashion technology that solves all your business problems with its revolutionary solutions. The tool comes with a built-in 3d feature allowing customers to select, design, and preview the customized product through a digital medium.


Custom Tailoring Software Helps Brands to Focus Closely on the Recent Trends


McKinsey & Company‘s report The State of Fashion 2020 warns, “The year ahead will open with the industry in a state of high nervousness and uncertainty, with most executives across fashion and the wider business world bracing for a slowdown in growth in the global economy.” In contrast, market research firm Euromonitor International takes a more positive tone in its report World Market for Apparel and Footwear, stating, “Despite its maturity and sheer size, the industry expects a positive outlook, thanks to strong growth in China and India.”


If you look at both these scenarios, it is evident that brands that show a little more attention towards market trends and recognize what consumers want can indeed dominate the apparel world. Let us look at the various movements that make the clothing industry powerful, dominant, and competitive, leaving limited room for brands to wait ad catch up with the latest trends.


Let us find out various practices that help the fashion brands to mark their presence in people’s minds:


  • The Rising Role of Digitization 


Technology has transformed our lives in unimaginable ways. It shouldn’t be news to brands that it has successfully impacted customers’ choices and preferences and how they engage with ecommerce brands. Therefore, the apparel companies, like Runway, thredUP, and ThirdLove, are all digitally native brands thriving in the industry due to their adoption of the latest technology and receiving a significant investment from stakeholders.


As the marketplace evolves, both legacy and emerging fashion brands must increase their online presence and use big data and analytics to offer more personalized solutions and capture a more significant market share. The custom clothing software is one such advanced technology that enables brands to bank on the latest shifts in the apparel industry. Its customization solutions are designed to keep the fashion business and its success in mind. The software’s digital platform enables your customers to preview their entire design product and make any alternations in it before paying the final payment.


  • Joining New Companies in the Market 


The apparel market is very well-known for its cut-to-cut competition, and new labels are joining the stream, making survival even more challenging. Therefore, labels always have to be at their top game to make their presence felt in the competition. The pioneering sustainable shoe brand, Allbirds, is entering the apparel market with a capsule range made from innovative natural materials. The Company first trialed apparel last summer with three sock styles, going one step further with underwear this June. Its new collection includes a T-shirt made from discarded crab shells and a jumper, cardigan, and puffer made from its signature New Zealand Merino wool.


  • Growing Need for Sustainability 




With so many brands coming into the industry, they have been causing lots of damage to nature. But rising awareness among people, companies have to look for alternative measures that don’t put pressure on the Earth. In recent times, carbon emission has become an area of concern for many brands, and the concept is too big for a single company to cover it entirely. The whole industry needs to come in this together and develop trust, reputation, and continue with the conversation for protecting the planet.


The Final Call is Yours-


The apparel industry has come a long way in the past decades; it has successful transformed its functionalities, become more responsible, and more adaptive and more inclusive in terms of technology, environment, and culture. But there is a lot that needs to be done. The clothing design software by iDesigniBuy is a step closer to achieving all this in one moment. It is the customization solution that is advanced, caters to sustainability, and assists brands willing to make it big in the apparel market.


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