Custom Tailoring Software: Top 3 Ways to Grow Business in 2020

In the present scenario, the apparel industry needs upgradation in the way they do business. Fashion brands have to take the cover of advanced technology to deal with the situation, as customers’ view has changed towards fashion. Now they wish to buy an attire that is stylish and supports sustainable fashion. Custom tailoring software can be the ray of hope to deal with the buyers’ needs. 

Tailoring software is a tech-driven customization tool that offers stable solutions to deal with the prevailing trends and challenges. The digital tailoring software can help fashion brands stay ahead of the competition as buyers are changing their shopping preferences from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores. The upsurge in technology adaptation has encouraged many renowned brands to use sophisticated tools that can drive them sales while fulfilling the customers’ demands.   


What is Custom Tailoring Software?   

Custom tailoring software, better known as online tailoring software, is an advanced customization tool that can easily be integrated with your website. It allows your customers to design custom outfits and add on to your sales. The software is designed to satisfy buyers’ needs by enabling them to develop various designer clothes. They can customize formal shirts, T-shirts, jackets, suits, hoodies, etc. Hence, you need not worry about their fashion quotient as they can easily design one and place orders. The software gives them the freedom to use any kind of patterns, designs, texts, etc.   

Why should you get tailoring software?    

Necessity is the mother of invention. Today when the necessity for customized clothes is increasing, brands need to come up with a solution to satisfy customers desire. Tailoring software is a solution that can deal with rising customer demands. By installing the software, you allow your customers to customize and design their own apparel. Brands can grab the opportunity to grow their business by providing unique features like online body measurement solutions, fabric selection options, 3D rendering, etc. Hence, it opens doors to expand business presence in the tailoring industry.   

Now, as you have got the answer to why, it’s time to have a sneak peek on how it can help your business grow in 2020.   

How tailoring software can boost your business’s revenues?   

1. Caters to the rising demand for sustainable fashion   

Customers’ love for sustainable yet customized apparel is garbing brands’ attention. Many renowned fashion brands are increasing sales by providing sustainable fashion. For example 

    • Prada debuts sustainable fabric. They are making recycled polyester without the use of PFCS, and other toxic chemicals.  


    • Asos, a British online fashion retailer, launched its first circular collection to cooperate with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Their “Circular Collection” is challenging the misconception that sustainable and circular clothing can’t be fashionable.  


  • Eastman Naia and DuPont biomaterials had launched a new sustainable fabric collection. 

And many such brands are joining the league and making profits. The custom tailoring software allows buyers to customized their outfit. This will decrease the dumping rate of clothes as customers will create their own attire and feel emotionally connected.  

2. Reduces carbon footprints  

Customers are quite interested in reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding the use of products that harms the environment. The software allows them to select sustainable fabric for their clothes. You would like to know that many brands are creating sustainable fabric. For example: 

    • AlgiKnit is creating algae-derived, biodegradable yarns, and textiles to remediate harmful cycles of fast fashion.  


    • Doodlage, an Indian company, is another brand supporting innovativeness and sustainability. They work with eco-friendly fabrics, like corn fabric, organic cotton, banana fabric, etc.  


  • Re;code is a Korean brand specialized in upcycling. They use industrial materials like airbags, seat covers, and fabric linings that are used to make the car’s interior 

And many such brands are creating sustainable fabrics. The tailoring software will allow your customers to select sustainable material and can encourage their participation in reducing carbon footprints.   

3. Increases productivity & quality   

Productivity & quality will not be an issue for your brand after implementing the online tailoring software. Now, your customers will become the style owner and design their own clothes. When satisfied with their designs, they can place an order on your website. After the order is received, you can get it manufactured at your facility and dispatch back to the buyers without a hassle. This will give you a competitive edge, and you will create loyal customers who will trust your process and products. The software integrated on your website will attract millennial and Gen Z buyers, as your brand will give them an elegant look 

Wrapping up 

By integrating the custom tailoring software, your business can increase profitability while fulfilling buyers’ needs. iDesigniBuy’s tailoring software can be your partner in improving your business’s revenue. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get yours and become a successful entrepreneur in the tailoring business.