The Creative Journey of An Abaya Fashion Designer In The Future.

In this world where people prefer both fashions and personality to be bold, there are many followers of modest fashion too. Despite today’s youth favouring the practical world, belief in religion and faith plays an important role in Abaya Fashion Designer. Since modest fashion is equally challenging bold trends, it is currently in the spotlight for its looks and designs.

Designers from all over the globe and especially the GCC region are introducing the latest and distinct abaya and thobes. 

Abaya is no longer just a large loose cloak but a fashion statement in today’s world. With women getting smarter, independent, ambitious, and more fashionable, abayas are also getting modernized in many forms for different functions and sometimes based on occupation. And undeniably, people love these revolutions. There is more to abaya fashion, and this article presents some of the latest trends that revolutionize modest fashion with grace.

Sports abayas are stealing the thunder-

People have started following healthy routines, with everything becoming a trend the next day on social media. And what’s best than involving some sports activity in your lifestyle to maintain your fitness? With this mindfulness, sports abayas are the best outfit for abaya lovers.

Sports abayas are not new to the world, but fashion is now attracting fancy worldwide. For a fact, the emergence of the pandemic has also played an important role in making it more approachable. The lockdown phase worked wonders for various designers to create a range of clothing that can be dutiful and follow the values simultaneously.

One such Qatari Abaya Fashion Designer is Muneera Al Doseri, who recently introduced a range of sports abaya in 2020 and its second collection recently. The whole motive for coming up with the fashion was to support women for better outdoor activities. Undoubtedly, the first-of-its-kind fashion is appreciated, impacting the current abaya styling trends. 

Sports is not lone; with abayas coming into the limelight, various fashion designers are trying different combinations for traditional clothing.

The invention of the saree abaya was not long ago-

It was not something that had happened for the first time. Various designers have come up with new ideas and inventions to reinvent abayas. Not long back, Manish Malhotra introduced Saree Abaya in collaboration with Etihad Airways and Al Falasi.

Both the fashion icons have designed a fusion of traditional Indian sarees and Traditional Emirati Abayas into abaya saree as a collaboration series for the 50th anniversary of Etihad Airways. The collaboration was equally admired, offering the best and most unexpected design in a modest Abaya Fashion Designer.

Manish Malhotra creates The Abaya Saree for Etihad Airways

Now that people all over the country adore such contributions by designers, abayas are witnessing new drifts with modern looks and colors.

Designers setting contemporary trends for traditional abayas, adding more charm to them-

Emirati designers are magnificently managing the line of modesty and boldness with their designed abayas. Illi Studio, specifically, explains how protecting the region’s heritage is an important aspect of designing an abaya and maintaining the modern requirement. 

Since fashion is an ever-changing field, the requirements of modern women are also dependent on it. However, Emirati designers believe that fashion needs to change with the world, and so does modest fashion.

However, small details, colors, and cuts & slits are the only required essential aspects of modest fashion that can simultaneously make it look bold and elegant.

Abaya Design software offering a helping hand-

With every industry taking advantage of technology, fashion is not an exception. The emergence of apparel designing software is a boon for Abaya Fashion Designer and brand houses. With its innumerable features and advantages, fashion design software is not only helping the designers but also the customers to buy what they desire. 

The trend of customization has further added up a perk with online apparel design tools. Customized abaya design software by iDesigniBuy, for instance, enables not only the designers but also the customers to design their abayas online. These tools have inbuilt latest designs, and the customer can select any desired color, pattern, fabric, length, and more.

Not only lessening the burden but abaya design tools can also help the brand houses to maintain a transparent relationship with their clients. 

Closing comments-

Fashion, in the end, is all about positive appearance and designs. With technology and creativity, abayas have been highly revolutionized due to regional values and faith.

At the same time, advanced technologies, including abaya design software and tools, are further leading to prosper the designers’ abilities allowing them to expand their imaginations and bring the latest designed abayas.

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