Enhance User Experience with 3D Product Customization in 2020

Online shopping has revolutionized the way customer interacts with brands. Gone are the days when customers had to choose from limited options that too at stores depending upon the stock availability. This is the era of experience economy where all brands are investing efforts to enhance the customer experience. Online shopping in the recent decade has seen a tremendous growth rate owing to the flexibility and convenience it imparts to the customers.

Enhance User Experience with 3D Product Customization in 2020

Taking it one step ahead, businesses and brands are now offering product customization to their customers so that they can wear the apparel that are inspired by their choice. This drastically eliminates the problem of inventory shortage while enhancing the user experience. To deliver competitive advantage, fashion brands are also adopting advanced technologies like AI, 3D, and Robotics in fashion, thus giving birth to Fashion 4.0.

So, 2020 will witness how product customization, coupled with 3D visualization, will enhance customers’ online shopping experience.


The era of Product Customization

Product customization is a strategy that refers to the customer empowerment through style ownership. With customization, customers can design their own apparel, thereby moving towards sustainable fashion. Instead of buying standard options available on the shelves, customers can pick their designs from the runway or an elite brand and can replicate that design using product customization software. This trend has changed the face of online shopping as more and more people prefer to give life to their imagination and wear outfits that suit their personality. With product customization software, a user can custom-create apparel with perfection.


Researches have proved that product customization affects sales and revenues significantly. When customers have the choice to select the fabric, style, pattern, fit, color, and every minute detail, they get highly inspired to make a purchase. A study from Deloitte showed that customers are ready to pay premium prices for personalized and customized products, apparel, and accessories.


Let’s explore how 3D visualization will enrich the customer experience in 2020.

3D Product Customization: Adding Icing on the Cake

3D visualization is an advanced technology that allows users to get a three-dimensional view of their product, apparel, or accessory while designing. 3D product customization will take customization experience to the next level by enabling users to enjoy a 3D view of the product after every iteration. This will impart a better clarity and understanding of the product as they would be able to visualize how the final product will look like, thereby helping them to make fast decisions.


Innovation is the lifeline of any business. The brands that invest in R&D to offer superior value to their customers emerge as winners. 2020 will see how brands will utilize 3D technology to explore a new realm of capabilities.

Some significant advantages of embedding 3D in product customization in 2020:


  • Buying after Seeing: A significant chunk of customers still believe in purchasing after getting the look and feel of the product. 3D visualization fills the gaps by enabling users to touch and feel the product during online shopping, thus increasing the audience base. They can rotate, zoom, and assemble their product on the screen with stunning resolutions.


  • Made-on Demand: With the emergence of Industry 4.0, fashion is also moving towards Fashion 4.0 while embracing disruptive tech. With 3D product customization capabilities, customers are more inclined to design and order their products online, thereby boosting the made-to-order economy.


  • Customer Delight: 3D product customization imparts a wow factor to your business. When the market is flooded with numerous brands, 3D capabilities can give differentiated positioning to your brand, thereby contributing to customer delight.


Scope of 3D Product Customization in 2020

With the advent of the latest technologies, in 2020, brands will be able to offer a wide variety of customized merchandise, apparel, and accessories. Coupling their offering with 3D technology will not only enhance sales but also build customer loyalty. Your brand can offer handbags, caps, hats, mugs, gift boxes, jeans, men shirts, socks, sports shoes, T-shirts, loafer shoes, polo T-shirts, wedding cards, tuxedos, suits, trousers, hoodies, jackets, jewelry and many more to your patrons.


All you need is a 3D Product Customization Software that is equipped with state-of-the-art features to support your customers’ requirements. iDesigniBuy is a leading name in the industry with 3D customization software to customize a wide range of apparel, accessories, and other merchandise. Our experts have immense industry experience and thorough domain understanding, thus helping the client from idea inception to project execution.


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