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Footwear – Rising inclination towards online footwear industry

Women’s shoes

Women’s shoes (excluding athletic) should account for the largest product segment with about 31.2% of industry revenues. While the economic prosperity of the US is declining in 2010, the relative affluence in the country means that women in the US are more likely to purchases multiple pairs of shoes than women from most other parts of the world. Women’s footwear should make up about 42% of total shoe imports into the US, the largest market for imports. Women’s shoes regularly change in style which allows for high competition levels between firms.

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Men’s footwear

Men’s footwear (excluding athletic) should account for about 24% of the industry’s revenues. Slower changes in the styles of men’s footwear allow existing machinery, equipment and inputs to be used each year. This product has increased in recent years at the expense of women’s footwear. Men’s footwear is more generic and is better suited to mass production in low labour cost countries.



Athletic shoes are estimated to make up 20.2% of industry revenue and were produced in Asia. Large athletic shoes companies like Nike and Adidas often utilize contractors in Asia and other developing countries to produce their athletic shoes.


Children’s shoes

Children’s shoes should account for around 8.0% of industry revenue. Most children’s shoes are produced in low labour cost countries as only a very small percentage of consumers purchase children’s shoes for design, quality and brand names.


Rubber and plastic

Rubber and plastic footwear should make up about 8.2% of industry revenue. These products, which exclude sandals and slippers, have vulcanized, moulded or cemented components.



Footwear in the slippers segment usually includes house slippers, slipper socks and leather slippers. This segment should account for 4.1% manufactured footwear. Work and protective footwear, which typically includes steel cap shoes, water shoes and overshoes, should account for 3.3% of industry revenue. The other segment is expected to include, ballet slippers, hiking boots, golf shoes, moccasins and theatrical shoes.


The days of just buying shoes at brick-and-mortar stores are over. For the past decade, more people have been purchasing shoes online. In fact, a recent article on Smart Company Australia’s website reports that the Australian footwear industry is experiencing a boom in online sales. But it’s just not Australians who are buying shoes online. According to industry research firm IBIS World, in 2012, online shoes sales in the U.S. was expected to be about $7.8 billion – a 16.3% increase from 2011.


Each year the footwear industry generates $48 billion, according to the National Shoe Retailers Association and the U.S. Census Bureau. And Americans spend roughly $20 billion a year on footwear purchases from traditional brick-and-mortar stores as well as from online shoe stores. The percentage of sales by category for the industry are:

Women’s casual and dress shoes (30%)

Men’s athletic shoes (20%)

Men’s casual and dress shoes (15%)

Women’s athletic shoes (10%)

Other styles (25%)


For more than a decade, the online shoe industry has been growing as more Americans shop online. In fact, every year, over 167 million people buy products online, making the online retail marketplace one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. And with so many people shopping online, it should come as no surprise that they would want to shop for shoes online as well.


While, initially, many people thought customers wouldn’t want to buy shoes online since they would have trouble determining the right size and fit of their shoes, this issue has proven not to be a problem since many retailers now offer free shipping and returns. So shoppers now can order a pair of shoes in several different sizes, try them on at home and then return the shoes that don’t fit correctly free of charge.


As we know that the industry is as dynamic as it is fast growing. Important changes come under both in customer behavior as well as in the industry itself when time changes. Earlier, when online purchasing was a new concept, the number of shoppers was less, but eventually a strong affinity towards online shopping was viewed. As per our survey only 15-16 percent customers use online customization tool to customize their shoe as per their requirement.

As general survey, main platform where people advertise their business are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. Maintaining an active presence on the platform is vital because it’s currently the most global social network with more than 1.5 billion users. These are the platform with the ability to create custom audiences and target by interests and demographics. These platform are also very useful because it allows for a variety of different functions such as short-form posting, long-form posting, and photo/video sharing. It encompasses most features of other social networks, making it a popular choice among marketers.

As per industry standard most websites provide 3D design tools to customize their shoes. From where users can customize their own required shoes as per their choice. From there, customers can select style, color, design, inline color, sole color and shoe lase color to customize their shoes.

People prefer to buy shoes that complement their attire and help them to show their unique style. Keeping this demand of today’s customers in mind, we offer a valuable online customization tool where customers can design their own shoes as per their choice by selecting style, fabric, equipment, inner line tread color, sole color, lather color, and size. User can also add character, font style in their shoes as per their choice.

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