Furniture Configurator Aids Brands to Gain a foothold in Online Marketplace

Furniture Configurator Aids Brands to Gain a foothold in Online Marketplace

Given the size of furniture items, shoppers can’t exactly drop them off at the nearest UPS box if they don’t quite match their other decor. Yet, according to IBISWorld, 15% of the $70 billion US furniture market has moved online. Courtesy to the latest technology, such as 3d rendering technology and augmented reality, are quickly shaping the online movement of the furniture sector. These technologies have helped buyers and manufacturers equally as, on the one hand, it reduces the costs for retailers while enabling customers to immerse in engaging customer experience.

Furniture Configurator Aids Brands to Gain a foothold in Online Marketplace

After understanding the technologies impacting the impact of furniture, let’s study them one by one and evaluate their importance as per the business requirement.


Here is the significance of having the latest technology fuelling the custom-made market:

  • Offers Personalized Shopping Experience 


Every customer is unique, and their needs also vary; therefore, furniture brands must always keep in mind to target these different demands and offer them personalized shopping experience. They should use customized marketing strategies for mobile, desktop, and web shopping platforms. This helps create a completely customized shopping experience where every customer has individual and unique products, which increases the users’ buy-rate from the retail store.

Companies like Wayfair, IKEA, and Houzz also implemented augmented reality solutions for furniture “try-on, so that customers know how it will feel when they bring the furniture home. These technologies target the specific needs of consumers, and those companies who are successful in achieving this are thriving in the market. Those who are yet to adhere to the latest trends, our furniture design software will enable them to let their buyers also get an idea of whether or not their furniture fits their room, and if not, they are always welcome to customize it.


  • Improves Customer Engagement 


Undoubtedly, enhancing a customer’s journey is the core of any enterprise, and advanced solutions vastly improve customer engagement and involvement. Customers can get detailed information by looking at the product as they would in a store using virtual and augmented reality technologies. The cherry on the cake, 3d rendering technology, enables consumers to imagine how their space would look like if they buy a particular chair, table, sofa, or anything.  For example, Pottery Barn’s 3D Room View app for iOS allows customers to instantly stage new furniture items at home using their iPhone or iPad. Customers can see an augmented reality view of their room and drop in full sets of furniture for consideration.

  • Reduces Customer Return Rate


A happy customer is a returning customer. Customers are more likely to return to the retailer in the future if they have a pleasant experience while shopping for the first time with a particular retailer. The customer is expected to return to the same retailer for buying in the future. The chances of product returns are also meager. The augmented reality and virtual reality help companies retain their customers. If implemented early, the manufacturers will have the edge over the others who venture late into the augmented and virtual reality segment.


The Choice is Yours- 

As the technologies are paving a path in the furniture sector for the practical and impactful shopping experience, it is given that the industry will flourish in the coming days. The technology offers new ways to do business and extends solutions provided by conventional methods. Looking at the benefits its serves, many leading companies have already implemented the technology, and you too want to rise and shine in the industry, install online furniture builder by iDesigniBuy. The tool is well-designed to help buyers dump the “fast furniture” concept and make informed decisions to balance their needs and house’s accommodation capability.


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