GDPR and its compliance for your online storefront!


Yes, GDPR ! Europe’s most robust data protection Law under the General Data Protection Regulation that implemented on May 25th, 2018. This law is basically framed to protect the interest and privacy of the citizens and the information related to them. Data Companies belonging to anywhere from the world, who are collecting the data from the citizens of the European Union (EU) must abide by the laws framed under GDPR. Collection of the data must be according to the rules and the privacy policy, and collection procedures of the data must have been, as per the guidelines mentioned in GDPR. Well, not only the website owners came under the following policy of GDPR, but also the big sharks of Digital World like Facebook, Google, Get Response, whats app, Instagram, Twitter also abide by the compliance policy the law strictly. All these companies are strictly accountable for the protection of the data collected from the users of the European citizens.

General Data Protection Regular


The Discernment and residuum of the GDPR law implemented by the European Union:-

You must have to take the specific parameters in consideration that, companies having more than two hundred fifty employees, must have to keep the record of the data files and to create the documents regarding. The reasons for collection of data, what’s the method opted for the collection of data and then what are the measures, and the policy opted to secure the data as technical security.


To compliance the GDPR law, companies must recruit a Data Protection Officer who is responsible for reporting the misconducts and breach of the law related to data security. The companies and the online platforms owing companies must have to frame the policy to take the lawful action against the misconduct and the breach in 72 hours.


Penalties for breaches and non-compliance:- The e-commerce website companies must secure the data of the customers. If any of the companies found guilty in non-compliance of laws of GDPR, or breach of the law for European Citizens Data, significant penalties of up to €20 million, or 4% of an organization’s worldwide annual revenue, whichever will be larger, with huge fees that can throw the organization business out of the competition, so its not the good choice taking risk.


Big giant firms will have to plan and have to commit to having compliance the GDPR. However, those firms who are on outsourced their servers or custom software’s will have to appoint the team for auditing and to keep check the security regarding data and its protection.


GDPRs effect on e-commerce: -The biggest challenge and the change as per GDPR for most of the organizations for their front end are to strict up the policy for the data collection and protection. As per GDPR service provider, cant put their assumptions about what consumers are in need from you. This can empower whole Europe and the citizens of European Union to get control about where their data is being used for.

Cookies and its use as according to GDPR:-


The consent for Data rights also applies to Cookies. Cookies are also considered as personal data, and it must be into the part of GDPR compliance, websites must frame a strict policy for cookies too. Now, as per GDPR, the site must give the text to consent and should be a “clear affirmative action”, and the language must be clear, transparent and understandable. The User must know about the action regarding cookies accepted by websites.


Conclusive Comment:-

GDPR is showing huge impact to the organizations who are doing their data business in Europe — or having an interaction with European citizens, no matter what the company location is. To comply is bit easy for the small or mediocre level of companies, but is difficult for the big shark companies. Be very clear and transparent for the compliance of GDPR for your store by making the terms and conditions very clear and by keeping the data protected of the customers and of course, instead of facing the setback, you can take advantage from GDPR by compliance of data privacy. If you are a proper compliance firm of GDPR, create a marketing strategy regarding your compliance and let the European customers know about it.


Note:- All the facts and the words written above are factually extracted after research from law papers and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) texts available with the official site. Any view regarding the GDPR after reading this article shall not be subject to the liability of idesignibuy and is solely yours.

Please consult your legal advisor for better understanding the law or refer the official website of GDPR.