Customized Handbags: A Perfect gift your patrons can give to their Valentine

Women love handbags. Not only a necessity but also a symbol of style, elegance, and fashion, a handbag is the best friend of a woman. Their ensemble is incomplete without a classic bag complementing their attire and elevating their personality statement. Even men find handbags as one of the most preferred gifts when it comes to gifting.


Customized Handbags A Perfect gift your patrons can give to their Valentine


The handbag segment is expected to generate $15,344 million by 2023. Further, in 2020, the US will be the most potential market, followed by China, India, and the UK. Handbag is a growing segment, and customized bags will add more worth to it.


Wouldn’t it be better if your customers are capable of gifting handbags to their girlfriends and partners with a specific love message or her name written on it?


Wouldn’t it be exciting if your customers can design their own handbags for their partner?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your customers can gift unique handbags to their partner with the names of the couple engraved on it?


There are limitless opportunities with customized handbags.


So, if you are an ambitious retailer or handbag manufacturer or a handbag brand, handbag customization software is the best tool you should integrate to attract the maximum number of customers this Valentine’s Day.


Handbag Customization Software Explained


Personalization is trending these days. People want everything personalized right from apparel to accessories. They want to create their own style statement while maintaining a simple and classy look. The software is the right tech intervention that can redefine your business model by catering to such customers. Handbag customization software is a cutting edge tool loaded with exclusive features that allow your customer to customize their own handbag, adding a sophisticated personalized touch to it.


Whatever design they have in mind, they can bring it on the handbag with the help of this software. Moreover, this software is a perfect tech enabler that empowers you to offer runway designs to the customers. Undisputedly, not everyone has access to runway or trending fashion. Still, when you integrate this software with your business, you can offer trending and seasonal handbag patterns and designs to the customers.


Functionality of Handbag Customization Software Work


At the outset, this software gets integrated with your business website created on any ecommerce platform. Once done, the tool is available on the front end for your customers with an interactive designing dashboard that gives them plenty of options to customize the handbag of their choice. They can pick the style like hand purse, sling, tote, and others from the catalog offered at your online store.


The tool comes with 3D capabilities, thus allowing users to view their design through a realistic model. The customers can customize the colors and texture of different parts of the bag like the front, back and side panels, lower panel, body, metal hardware, and shoulder strap. There are various color schemes defined under different leather options depending on customers’ needs.

Next, they can add a logo, text, and monogram on the bag while playing with the fonts, colors, and position of these elements. On Valentine’s Day, they can add love quotes, couple goals, or love symbols on the bag for their girlfriend, thus adding emotions to the special gift.

There is a rich library from where users can pick their preferred designs; else, they can also upload their particular logo if needed. Once designed, they can preview it with 3D rotation and zooming features to ensure their work. They can also share the design on social platforms and edit it based on suggestions received from their friends. Finally, they can place an order with you directly.


Reasons to Integrate Handbag Customization Software with your Business


2020 will witness new trends in the fashion industry with more and more people looking for unique accessories that are not common in the market. Let’s see 20 benefits of incorporating the tool with your business.


  1. Attract and target online consumers globally
  2. Widen your reach through the internet
  3. Strengthen your omnichannel presence through mobile, website and physical store
  4. Allow customers to customize their handbags when they visit your store
  5. Cater to millennials and Gen Z who love to follow trending and runway fashion
  6. Build a sharp brand image
  7. No need to maintain a massive pile of inventory
  8. Manufacture on-demand
  9. Shortest turnaround time
  10. Higher profit margins
  11. Premium pricing for personalized handbags
  12. Low upfront investment
  13. A high volume of traffic on your website
  14. Scope to expand in other customization segments in fashion and apparel
  15. Efficient and high performing software with lifetime license
  16. Supports multiple languages to serve global clients
  17. Integrates globally accepted payment methods
  18. Comes as a complete Magento package including website building and software integrated into it
  19. Smooth user experience
  20. Huge base of loyal and satisfied customers


iDesigniBuy’s Handbag Customization Software is an advanced solution that can help you to position your brand in the fashion market. The software is equipped with state-of-the-art features and is capable of taking your business to heights. Let your customers express their love in a customized way this Valentine’s season.


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