Hit the sports market with Sports Apparel Customization Software in 2020

Hit the sports market with Sports Apparel Customization Software in 2020

It’s the NBA season! The 74th season of the National Basketball Association will continue till April 2020. People are crazily following their favorite basketball players. They are fond of jerseys, T-shirts, and jackets bearing the names of their favorite players and teams. According to Statista, the NBA has got a fan following of 38.05 million on Facebook with 21.57 million fans of Los Angeles Lakers.

Hit the sports market with Sports Apparel Customization Software in 2020

With such a huge fan base cheering up with their favored teams on and off the ground, businesses are leveraging the opportunity to offer sports apparel to their customers so that they can adorn them and enjoy this NBA season.


Do you wish to position your apparel brand in the sports market in 2020?


Do you wish to offer an extra edge to your customers in 2020?


Do you know custom sports apparel give a professional look thus highly appreciated in the corporate sector?


Do you know custom sports apparel is in high demand by sports clubs, local leagues, and sports tournaments?


If you are looking forward to answering these questions while establishing your sports brand, the article aims to resolve your queries.


According to the report, global sports and fitness wear market is proliferating owing to the advent of customized sports and fitness wear and will reach $248.1 billion by 2026.


The figures are enough to indicate the significance of customized sports apparel and their demand in 2020.


What is a Sports Apparel Customization Software?


As the name suggests, sports apparel customization software is a tech-driven tool that helps your customers to create their own sports apparel like jersey, jackets, hoodies, caps, hats, pants, socks, shirt, warmer, visor, sweatpants, tracksuit and shorts with a twisted look. The twisted look refers to the customized look they can create by adding images, logos, embroidered designs, texts, quotes, and clipart on the apparel of their choice. The software gets integrated with the website and allows users to choose from a wide range of outfits available on the site.


How Sports Apparel Customization Software Works?


Just like other customization software, sports apparel customization software is 3D enabled software that allows users to have a three-dimensional view of the apparel. At the same time, they can design and customize it to match their style. The software empowers your customers to choose the clothing and select from pre-loaded designs to put on it. Additionally, it also permits users to upload their image or logo on the apparel. For example, corporate customers may want to put their brand logo on the sports apparel for which they need to upload the design file.


The software offers comprehensive designing options depending upon the apparel. For example, your customer can work on every detail, whether he is designing a cap or a T-shirt or a pair of socks.


What are the Benefits of Implementing a Sports Apparel Customization Software?


Research reveals that digital printing on apparel will flourish in the coming years in the US. Thus, there is considerable scope for your brand to invest in sports apparel customization software to reap the immense potential in the said market. Some pertinent benefits are mentioned below:


  1. Strong brand positioning
  2. Sustainable fashion in sports
  3. Cater to men, women, and kids in different apparel categories
  4. Increase revenue stream by registering your presence in the niche segment
  5. Compete with global brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Skechers, and many more.
  6. Offer your customers a unique value proposition by allowing them to wear what they want.
  7. Enhanced user experience
  8. Omni-channel experience for customers as the software is multiple device agnostic
  9. Smooth interface with embedded instruction videos for users
  10. A loyal base of customers


Where can you Find a Reliable Sports Apparel Customization Software?


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