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Jacket Design Software Helps Brands in Bringing Transparency in the Business Models

In the past year, we all have understood the significance of the importance of communication. And to further these emotions, technology has come up with novel suggestions that could keep the fashion industry running. The new technology is bridging the communication gap between customers and brands. Similarly, the jacket design maker enables brands to be in touch with their audiences as the latter can connect with the brand to make their jackets more fashionable and stylish. This customization solution empowers customers to view various jacket designs through e-catalog, and based on their preference; they can let the apparel houses know what they want. Thus, establishing direct communication between companies and their end-users.  

Jacket Design Software Enables Brands to Build Direction Connections with Customers  

It is undeniable that the fashion industry was caught off-guard in the last year, but there was a silver lining as the lessons learned by the sector have only accelerated the implementation of the digital solution, which was already underway. The installation of these solutions solved one of the biggest problems that the brands were facing, and it is that of reaching out to the audience in real-time. This has led to rapid digital sales and has been adopted as a norm by various labels, which also enhanced user experience. To cut a long story short, the implementation of these novel techniques has helped brands score higher points with a single shot.  

Social media has been an exceptional in helping clothing lines improve their brand value and understand what customers want. As more brands were leaning into curation, social networking sites, such as Instagram, helped them aggregate the content from their own feed to stores selling other brands. From this is a trend, it is evident that the future will be all about those who believe in sharing values. Let us look at the various brands’ use-cases that promoted their brands using new solutions.  

Here are a few elements that prompt the growth of the apparel industry:

  • Uses Influencers to Market Product  

Apart from social media, influencers are another aspect of digital technology that enables brands to communicate with their end-users. Social media influencers have a strong impact on buyers and their purchasing behavior. They have the power to make the product more relatable and could lean in on affiliate deals and curate stories that inspire followers to shop directly within the platform. For example, Hollister Co., a division of Abercrombie and Fitch Co., is co-creating an apparel brand with social media personalities Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. 

Besides, earlier brands had a tracking link whenever an influencer would post, but it was challenging to track the return on investment. But as technology advances, it becomes easier for brands to know who posted, when, what, and where. These factors may improve and ease your calculation, but what if you had an even simpler and straightforward solution that could help you market your products to your customers. Thedesign your own jacket enables brands to entice influencers with customization as they can let them give their taste to the apparel and make it unique. The customers will then take inspiration from them and learn to get more into customization. And your job would be done without posting anything on social media.  

  • Enables Brand to Tell Stories  

It seemed a daunting task for brands whenever they wanted to engage with their customers in earlier days. Writing long descriptions or selling stories was an overwhelming and nearly impossible task. But as these social media apps surfaced at the rim of the basket, the whole narrative changed. They can now use elaborative descriptions and share their views on various subjects. For example, leading brands, such as Gucci and Prada, are exploring the potential of these techniques and move beyond a single photo or video.  

It is a well-known fact that businesses, whether big or not, can only create customer loyalty by sharing the stories behind their brands in a consistent manner across all communications. It is also understandable that one post can get lost among various feeds received by the customers, but when brands are able to sell their stories appropriately or successful in making an impact, they can develop a powerful curation tool for brands.  

  • Shows Purpose in the Society 

Collaborating for a cause has always been appreciated by fashion experts and audiences. As technology evolves, brands have the chance to redeem themselves and show that they care. And the phenomenon has now moved to the shop floor. Several brands come together to show they care for one another. Leading with example is Gucci as it hosted an online film festival in November last year featuring 15 emerging brands, such as Mowalola, Collina Strada, and Yueqi Qi.  

The collaboration among brands is gaining momentum. They have the golden opportunity to display their causes using digital technology and be more transparent with their buyers. The videos posted by the brands will tell their buyers that brands are capable of thinking beyond profits and losses, and they are here to uplift society.  

Final Thought- 

We live in the digital era, and for this reason, it is impossible to keep yourself away from it. The more frightened you are to embrace, the more you will lose in the fashion market. It is also essential that brands realize that adopting digital strategy doesn’t mean losing the human touch or ignoring human connections and in-person sales. Connections and human interactions are still important, but with the technology, they can be more transparent and agile, helping both brands as well as consumers. They can form strong and long-term relationships that have trust and loyalty at their core. The custom jacket by iDesigniBuy is a stepping stone for brands to make these strong and transparent connections with their end-users. The tool will allow buyers to design their apparel in the way they want freely, take help from experts, and view it before making the final payment. It comes with built-in digital solutions enabling consumers to preview their designed product in 3d, thus ensuring transparent communication.  

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