Adidas Introduces Sustainable Vegan Clean Classics Sneakers

September 09, 2020– German sportswear retailer, Adidas, has launched a new vegan and 100 percent sustainable pair of sneakers, the Clean Classics.

The Clean Classics collection includes the Superstar, Stan Smith, Continental 80 and Supercourt styles, all of which are remade for 2020 with Adidas’ new pledge of commitment to ending plastic waste, according to a press release.

The design comes from the iconic white leather sports shoe, however, there is stylistic text on the shoe stating: this shoe alone will not save the planet. Pops of colour can be seen on the laces and the speckled effect on the sole which is caused by the composite nature.

The focus of these sneakers is on Primegreen, in which the production requires high-performance materials where 50 percent of the materials are recycled content. In the upper part of the shoe there is 70 percent recycled materials, as well as reclaimed and renewable rubber for the soles.

Adidas’ sustainable initiatives

Including Primegreen, the sustainable initiatives in this shoe are as follows: bloom foam which is made through algae harvesting technology that helps keep our lakes clean; natural cork sockliner which is a natural and renewable material; OrthoLite hybrid sockliner compound made from 15 percent recycled OrthoLite, 6 percent Bio-oil and 5 percent recycled rubber.

There is recycled polyester used to reduce the company’s use of new materials; natural rubber created from 90 percent natural fibres and 10 percent recycled rubber; pattern efficiency for the design of the shoe to create less waste; paper laces and upcycling old box material to create the Clean Classics packaging.

The Clean Classics collection is available across Adidas Originals stores and online.

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