Anuschka To Roll Out Latest Spring Collection On HSN

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J- Handcrafted leather goods brand Anuschka is poised to launch an exclusive Spring Collection on HSN March 24. In anticipation of the debut, we caught up with CEO and designer Bhaskar Basu in an interview about his artistic inspiration, vision for the brand and favorite motifs from the anticipated release.

What is your earliest memory of Anuschka?
My earliest memory was when I was about 10 years old, and I would go to the workshop with my parents to watch the artisans paint—it was absolutely magical. By far the most exciting day was when my mother asked me to help her sketch a butterfly onto a bag. And as I was drawing, I felt such a rush. Someone was actually going to carry a bag that I drew.

What made you want to carry on the family business?
As a kid, I loved to draw. My parents, who started the brand in the late ’80s, would work very closely with me to hone my skills. It took a lot of hard work for them to launch the company and define our family’s legacy. I always dreamt of growing the business across oceans and helping artisans along the way, just like they did.

What inspired your spring collection on HSN?
This spring, we wanted to create a collection to celebrate nature and wildlife while bringing a deeper message to our most beautiful creations. For example, our Flamingo Fever artwork features one of our region’s most exquisite birds. It has the most unique array of colors that takes you on a journey. We have leopards, foxes, koalas, zebras and more beautiful creatures of the wild.

Do you have a favorite piece from this collection?
Wow! It is really hard to choose a favorite, but I must say I am most emotional about the Paris Sunrise. I have a special place in my heart for that iconic city.

Where do you go for inspiration?
I find most of my inspiration when I travel. One of the tricks my mother taught me is to listen. When an Anuschka fan reaches out and shares a story or an idea, I make a note of it. Later as I am traveling, many of those ideas and stories come to life and give shape to the next Anuschka artwork.

What’s next for Anuschka?
We plan on introducing lifestyle items, resort wear and jewelry in the coming months. We are always going to be the family that makes hand-painted leather bags, but we want to explore new ways of wearing art in everyday life.

Can you give us an idea of what actually goes into creating one bag?
An Anuschka handbag is like a baby. It takes a village to raise one—from hand selecting materials to inspecting every piece of leather and matching the pieces all together. An Anuschka bag starts with a drawing and is brought to life with hand-painted details. Each step is inspected to perfection.

What is your wife’s favorite piece right now?
She is someone who could always use an extra hand. We have a toddler and a 6-year-old, so she loves our crossbody phone wallets. For a mom on the go, being hands free and having everything ‘in its place’ is a must.

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