Apparel Brand Global Transfiguration Brings Earth Paintings on Tees

Los Angeles: Eco-friendly apparel brand Global Transfiguration is bringing a collection of original, wearable prints for environmentally aware patrons of fashion.

Along with monthly financial donations to The Climate Reality Project, Global Transfiguration makes it easy to “wear the change” while inspiring others to stay active in the fight to save Earth. Based on a series of oil paintings from international filmmaker and artist Stephon Stewart, the company’s mission is simple: give the world apparel with a meaning that helps fight Climate Change.

“Earth is our only home,” explains artist and Global Transfiguration Founder Stephon Stewart, “this is our opportunity to change the course of history for future generations on our planet.” For Stewart, an avid environmental activist and skilled artist, paint and canvas were the most powerful weapons in his arsenal. He used them to create the sixteen-piece collection on which the Global Transfiguration brand is based. Transmitting the message from canvas to clothing seemed the next logical step in getting the message out.

Global Transfiguration’s iconic designs depict the many possible futures in store for Mother Earth. Dark and dismal “DRY” presents Earth as a dead, barren planet. Fiery “INFERNO” depicts an allegory of an infrared radiation telescope image showing the carbon dioxide trapped within Earth’s atmosphere, slowly warming the planet to dangerous temperatures. The pale blue dot “WET” pays homage to the Earth’s life-giving water resource. Lush, green “GAIA” symbolizes the Earth Goddess who brings harmony between humans and nature.

Gold and silver “ELEMENTS” represent our planet’s most precious minerals. Orange “EPOCH” plays on the metaphor of rising temperatures transforming the Earth into another Sun. In “UNITY”, romantic pinks and purples symbolize the self-sacrificing love and peace required to save future generations. “ICE” brings awareness to the rapidly melting ice caps, which have been exponentially decreasing since the industrial revolution.

Join the fight to change our future. Choose from a variety of colorful, eco-friendly tri-blend tees for men, women, kids and toddlers, each featuring a phantasmagorical globe. Spread the message with an ultra-comfortable Global Transfiguration unisex fleece hoodie in a spectrum of Earth-inspired hues. Collect all eight Global Transfiguration classic eco-friendly totes.

Global Transfiguration aims to offer tees, which show the colors of sustainability to fight climate change. With an aim to fight climate change, iDesigniBuy also stands firmly with such initiatives and offers customization software that helps enterprises offer sustainable and eco-friendly apparel with ease.

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