Audio Architect Apparel to Revive Physical Music Using Sustainable Fashion

July 12, 2021— Audio Architect Apparel have developed technology that turns their garments into music. The fashion brand has been from rock and roll roots with style and sustainability at the heart of their ethos. Founder Dave Swallow is an award winning sound engineer that has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse and the Bloody Beetroots. After years of touring the globe he could see the damage that was being done to the environment and he decided to do something about it. He set about creating a sustainable clothing brand where the clothes themself became the music.

Swallow said of his idea: “Fast fashion has become a major problem for our environment and it’s been pushed to the forefront of the climate agenda in recent years. The questions surrounding fast fashion have been on the table since the very conception of Audio Architect Apparel.

Where we are different from every other brand out there is that when you buy one of our garments it includes tunes for you to download and keep. This isn’t free music, you have actually paid for that piece of music. It’s yours to download and keep forever. It’s like buying a record that you can wear.”

A lot of the drive behind fast fashion has come from consumers demanding the lowest possible price. Cash has been really tight and the brands have just been answering their customers. While there is a place for this, Audio Architect Apparel believes that fashion should not be fast, indeed contemporary fashion should be sustainable and help support the communities that create it.

As a result of being careful about where their garments are sourced they discovered that almost all of their products are technically Vegan. So, if you are looking for high quality, stylish, sustainable streetwear that includes tunes in every thread, then look no further than Audio Architect Apparel. You heard it here first folks!

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Source- FashionUnited