Barbour places sustainability at the heart of Christmas campaign

November 10, 2020— British heritage brand Barbour is sharing a heartwarming tale on sustainability and promoting repairing over buying new as part of its new Christmas campaign.

The campaign features a film inspired by children’s author Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas that follows a boy whose dog chews his father’s Barbour wax jacket. The boy writes to Father Christmas, asking for help repairing the jacket.

When Father Christmas realizes he can’t mend the jacket himself, he sends the jacket to the Barbour factory in South Shields to see whether they can assist. The customer service team then repairs the jacket and gives it a rewax too, so it looks as good as new before being delivered back to the boy and gifted to his father on Christmas Day.

The story is based on the true story of one of Barbour’s customers, whose dog, Dudley, the dachshund, chewed his Barbour jacket. His owner sent it back to Barbour with a note from Dudley to say he was sorry!

Paul Wilkinson, global marketing and commercial director of Barbour said in a statement: “This is a very special Christmas campaign for us as it’s based on a true story from one of our customers.

“The film highlights how much our Barbour jackets are loved and become an important part of the family. Barbour wax jackets are made to last – they’re very sustainable, and if you rewax your jacket at least once a year, it could last you a lifetime even if a naughty dachshund does decide to get his teeth into it!”

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Source- FashionUnited