Coco + Lala’s “Spread Love Not Germs” Clean Hands Movement

DARIEN, Conn — Everyone is encouraged to post pics wearing ‘Spread Love’ t- shirts and/or washing your hands to help keep your grandparents and loved ones safe. Use #WashHands4Grands

It’s hard for little children to understand why they haven’t seen their grandparents, aunties, friends, and teachers while social distancing.

Shannon Doherty, of Darien, Connecticut and mother of four young children explains, “My children miss their grandparents and aunties. I want my children to know that little actions today, like washing hands, can make a huge difference for their grandparents and loved ones to help keep everyone safe.”

Shannon’s children Leontine (Lala), Colton (Coco) and their little sister Peaches wanted to make t-shirts for all their friends and family to spread the message to wash your hands. The Doherty children’s inspirational ‘Spread Love’ t- shirts quickly gained popularity, sold out within the first two days and are now restocked, available for purchase online at and on Instagram @cocoandlalawatchhill

The sale of ‘Spread Love’ t-shirts not only spreads the inspirational Clean Hands message “wash your hands to help keep grandparents and loved ones safe”, it allows this small family run shop, forced to close its doors during this global pandemic, to be sustainable. And, for every 1 “Spread Love” t-shirt sold, Coco + Lala supports Share Our Strengths #NoKidHungry to give 10 meals for kids at home from school in need of food.

Spread Love Not Germs #WashHands4Grands is a Clean Hands movement to help keep grandparents and loved ones everywhere safe. They need us now more than ever!

With the massive COVID-19 outbreak, it becomes essential to take special care and create awareness among the people to stay healthy, hygienic, and safe in this challenging time. You can create the movement like Coco and Lala are doing, for educating the people about the hygiene for saving them from this deadly virus. iDesigniBuy supports such cause and offers apparel customization software that helps organizations to print the message that they want to convey to the mass and make them educated in the best possible way.