Demand for PLM in Apparel Industry Set for Massive Growth

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software demand in the global fashion and apparel market is estimated to grow at 6.8% per cent from 2019 to 2025.

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The supply chain requirements of the apparel industry are very complex and sophisticated, considering the higher risks and challenges. Fashion retailers need to be vigilant at every level from designing to delivery, so that the right decisions are taken at the right time to complete the design in the best way. Add to that, sustainability issues are also being keenly addressed for the entire lifecycle.


Product life cycle management (PLM) is an advanced solution that is being used by many large retailers to meet challenges. The report shares data on the market players working to resolve apparel manufacturing industry’s pain points based on production base, prices, share, and manufacturing types. Key players include Dassault Systemes, Gerber Technology, Lectra, VisualNext, AllCAD Technologies, Arahne, Audaces, and others.


The report primarily cites growth in various regions for the Product Life-cycle Management in the Apparel Market including Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, Latin-America, Middle East, and Africa. The report offers information on income streams, consumption proportions, market shares, generation rates, and future expected patterns.


This could give an understanding of their expansion plans by focusing on promising areas for globally noticeable players.


Global product life cycle management in the apparel market is explained in terms of price analysis as well as retail industry equipment suppliers and their price, labor costs, other costs created during manufacturing, along with its overall cost structure. The structured data on GPML in the Apparel Market is provided based on Commercial Production Dates and Dimensions of the key manufacturers. Industries are facing high competition, and the players are involved in creating strategies of merger and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations to enhance their roots in the GPLM in Apparel Market.


Combining PLM software to ease your supply chain management for apparel manufacturing and distribution with iDiB’s Apparel Design Software is a sure way to compete with global fashion brands and ensure a customized offering to all your clientele with maximum satisfaction.