Diesel Announces New Virus-Fighting Jeans With Polygiene

BREGANZE, – As new consumer trends in fabric protection emerge, DIESEL is proud to announce the introduction of an ultra innovative treatment for jeans, which physically interrupts 99% of any viral activity. Developed in partnership with the Swedish company Polygiene, the innovative ViralOff® application – of which DIESEL keeps 100% exclusive of jeans – will be implemented in a selection of the brand’s spring / summer 2021 jeans styles, aiming at a greater variety of products in the future.

ViralOff ® is the result of Polygiene’s extensive efforts in clothing protection, which started with the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s. DIESEL will apply the treatment to a selection of jeans models during the final stages of production. The technology is “always on” and has the ability to disable more than 99% of viral activity within two hours after contact between pathogen and tissue. ViralOff ® has shown effectiveness against a wide variety of viruses, including COVID-19. It works by interacting with the main proteins, inhibiting the virus from binding to textile fibers.

In addition, ViralOff ® offers an extra sustainability benefit: the treatment lasts the entire life of the part and, with fewer washing cycles, the life of the part is prolonged and the use of water and energy is reduced.

As part of its “For a successful life” philosophy, Diesel remains deeply committed to researching and finding progressive solutions for its customers to live the best of life, from comfort to style, ergonomics and health and safety trends. Polygiene ViralOff ® represents an especially critical response in protecting customers. Safety and public responsibility have never been more important, and DIESEL is proud to innovate and adapt to evolving situations in the world with speed and responsibility. The health and safety of our customers are at the forefront of the brand, which is evaluating even more measures in this field.

Comments on Polygiene: Denim treatment also includes Odor Crunch ® , which also protects against odors from external sources. It is this combination that is exclusive to DIESEL in jeans for SS21.

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Source: PR Newswire