Digitization Set To Outsmart The Old Way Of Showcasing Fashion

Fashion weeks have been a professional highlight for editors and buyers since New York created the very first one in 1943. Their sense of identity and self-importance were cemented by which shows they were invited to attend and in which rows they sat. The New York-London-Milan–Paris circuit became a whirling social calendar which secured them access to the hottest restaurants, most exclusive hotels, spas, and celebrity-filled parties, as well as international networking opportunities. New fashion weeks were emerging–– Copenhagen, Sao Paolo, New Delhi, Tokyo––to challenge the four main capitals and expand their globetrotting.

Then a global pandemic hit. Everything shrunk, except for the digital sphere which suddenly gained prominence. The wastefulness of fashion shows and the huge toll international travel inflicts on the environment became headline-making. All this conspired to leave a sector of the fashion community with a sense of foreboding. If fashion goes digital, are we losing more than we gain?

Digital technology restores humanity to fashion

Despite brands’ skepticism about the virtual realm, it’s not as if an authentic human connection to the physical is celebrated either, notes Taylor, placing the blame for this on the male gaze of the industry’s decision makers: “Fabric and flesh are largely ignored in fashion.” Having worked with Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and A Cold Wall, and created an iconic 3D animated wet look T-shirt complete with the sort of boob jiggle that is largely absent from Paris runways, Taylor predicts gendered fashion weeks will soon be a thing of the past and digital will draw the industry into validating more diverse body types. “The tone of fashion is going to massively change. It can’t fit into the norms from before. Any option of a human that can exist can be explored creatively. Really long arms, shapes coming out of human form, a rectangle…” The message seems to be that if you can dream it you can digitalize it. So dare to dream.

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Source: Fashion United