Dim Mak Collaborates with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro

July 20, 2021– Steve Aoki’s indie record label and fashion brand, Dim Mak is joining forces with Hasbro and Paramount Pictures on a limited edition clothing capsule to celebrate the upcoming theatrical release of Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

The Dim Mak x Snake Eyes collection highlights the intersection of Aoki’s American upbringing and Japanese heritage and features five designs, which are all black as a nod to the Snake Eyes character’s signature black ninja gear layered with Arashikage symbols and exclusive art from the film.

There are two short-sleeve T-shirt styles, one that features Snake Eyes and another featuring his archrival, Storm Shadow, both retailing for 38 US dollars.

In addition, there is a Katana long sleeve tee for 45 US dollars, an Arashikage Crew Neck Sweatshirt at 70 US dollars, and a Double Dragon Hoodie for 80 US dollars.

Aoki said in a statement: “I loved watching how Snake Eyes was the secret weapon to the G.I. Joe team when I was young – he would swoop in and save the day with just his sword and ninja skills.

“I always wondered what his backstory was. When this opportunity arose to partner with Hasbro and Paramount on the origin story of Snake Eyes, I was amped on getting to know how my favourite super-soldier became so incredible. I am looking forward to watching the movie and seeing how Snake Eyes is trained by the Arashikage in Japan.”

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Source- FashionUnited