Emeraude Toubia launches fashion brand Love, Em

August 16, 2021– Designed by Emeraude Tobia, ‘Love, Em’ aims to be a body inclusive brand showing the power a woman’s form has.

The actress, best known for her role as Isabelle Lightwood in Shadowhunters, began working on the clothing line in October last year. The limited collection features a total of six pieces, including a floral print midi dress, a crepe top with a matching skirt and a scrunchie.

Each item from Love, Em fits into a pastel colour scheme, with floral prints, lightweight fabrics and elasticated fits prominent throughout the majority of the designs. Leading up to the launch, Tobia released a series of try-on and campaign videos where she explained the inspiration behind each piece, speaking in both English and Spanish to her followers.

Through the Behind the Brand video series, the actress turned designer explains the fabric choices being centred around the feeling of freedom and romance, with lightweight materials like viscose and rayon picked to mirror the colours used and the way the fabrics feel on the skin.

“I want to make sure that my line is very diverse and inclusive,” Tobia said in a campaign video on the brand’s Instagram. “I want to make sure that sizing is also very inclusive. I want everyone to feel comfortable, to feel at ease, to feel free whenever they are wearing my clothing line.”

The items are available to purchase worldwide, with some items already sold out in a few sizes. The actress hopes to extend the line with a holiday collection towards the end of the year.

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