Exotics by Cedrick Releases First Pair of Gender Neutral Shoes

TAMPA, Fla., May 5, 2020 — Exotics by Cedrick, a nationally recognize luxury footwear and fashion brand, is proud to announce its first pair of running shoes for men and women with a carbon fiber plate. The running shoe features a delicate cheetah-like plating on the sides and a substantial sole to minimize the strain on the runner’s calf muscles and ensure that their upper feet are fresh.

While the running shoes look beefy, high-tech materials designed by founder Cedrick McDonald keep them light, enabling runners to trek mountains without a hitch. The running shoes are equipped with breathable membranes as well, making it lightweight while giving the wearer the right support in every angle. The style is also sleek and ultramodern, which makes it compatible with virtually any casual outfit.

Thick and Supersized Soles

Thanks to its supersized thick soles, Exotics by Cedrick provided comfort and added cushioning for excellent shock absorbency. Plus, it also offers added stability than its flatter sole counterparts allowing the runner to overcome challenges in trail running, fell running, sky running, hurdling, and mountain running. The added stability on its sole will ensure that runners are more balanced on their feet and prevent tripping hazards as well as ankle sprains.

Reflective Materials

Exotics by Cedrick uses reflective materials not only to add some pizazz to the shoe but also to make it usable for nighttime running. The shoe uses a fabric designed by Cedrick to increase visibility and safety in low light conditions like fog, snow, or darkness at night. These reflective elements will help runners be seen better and assist other road runners in gauging their speed.

These days, men and women are working from home, and their only reason to step outside is to buy grocery stores or walking. And to perform the task efficiently, they need comfortable shoes. Therefore, the American shoe company Exotics by Cedrick trotted out its first pair of running shoes for men and women alike with its Moving Forward in May movement. If you are too looking for incredible options to thrive in the footwear industry and imitate the success story of the leading brands, then iDesigniBuy is your go-to fashion tech company. The organization holds expertise in providing customization solutions to shoe selling brands that will enable them to mark their presence by gaining a competitive edge.

Source- PR Newswire