Fashion brand Tibi to launch exclusive tote inspired by preschoolers

Miami, December 13, 2019: Fashion brand Tibi has created an eco-friendly philanthropy tote inspired by ants as drawn by preschoolers from the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education. Tibi has generously donated 1,000 exclusive totes, available just in time for the holidays at Proceeds will benefit the Center and its work to raise the quality of early care and education in Miami and beyond.

Made of durable cotton canvas and measuring 15” X 16” with a 22” long handle, the idea started with an ant. One of the smallest creatures inspired a classroom of preschoolers and that classroom inspired a fashion powerhouse. Tibi founder and creative director Amy Smilovic took a tour of the Center after having launched her nature-inspired Pre-Fall 2019 collection last year, featuring cheeky takes on ants. She quickly realized the children were also fascinated by powerful, tiny ants – and that’s when the idea for the Tibi for United Way tote was born.

“I saw that the children of United Way coincidentally had been working on an ant farm project, sketching them and mapping their homes,” Smilovic said. “I was so inspired and so honored to be able to work with one of the children’s artworks for this special bag.”

The philanthropy tote, made of 100% cotton canvas, features an illustration by 4-year-old Emily, a preschool student at the Center.

“Amy and her team at Tibi mixed fashion expertise with the imagination of children to create a unique product that drives awareness and philanthropy,” Maria C Alonso, President and CEO, United Way of Miami-Dade, said. “We hope this timely partnership will ignite holiday shoppers to give a gift with a purpose – a gift that will empower innovative young minds for years to come.”

One in three children arrive at kindergarten not ready to learn. The academic achievement gap can be seen at just 18 months old, particularly between children from different socio-economic groups. United Way aims to change that narrative by raising the standards of early childhood education, while advocating and supporting lasting change.

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