Ghost Flower created active wear with deeper self-healing purpose

LOS ANGELES: Since 2018, Ghost Flower has created active wear with a deeper self-healing purpose. Ghost Flower, offers a stylish, but unique high-performance active clothing collection based on Chinese Medicine with designs incorporating the body’s natural energy channels and acupressure points, and including a sewn-in self-care map promoting wellness and empowering women.


The company’s activewear designs feature the five Chinese Elements, (WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, and METAL), with each element representing its own associated emotional and physical transformative energy, which correspond to nature’s cycles of time and matter, and different times of day and seasons. Ghost Flower has included each particular element’s aspirational tag inside each piece of clothing to remind the wearer of the type of energy this element can inspire when getting dressed and throughout the day.


Ghost Flower’s team of experts in Eastern medicine and acupressure, as well as in disciplines of dance, stretch, yoga, Pilates, and body movement, worked closely with the brand’s fashion designer and pattern maker in developing an innovative activewear collection for women focused on self-healing and empowerment.


“Rooted in Chinese medicine, Ghost Flower is the world’s first activewear company to have your body’s energy network discreetly woven into the designs,” said Susie Peebler, co-founder and CEO of Ghost Flower. “The seams track your energy meridians, and our logos represent key acupressure points. This provides a wearable roadmap of where to stretch, roll, and massage to significantly increase your health, performance, and vitality. Most people don’t realize the full extent of their own, innate self-healing system.”


Bonnie Crotzer, a co-founder of Ghost Flower, is an expert in fascia and resistive stretching along the energy channels, and Peebler said her work has been essential for helping the Ghost Flower audience to understand and appreciate the value of Chinese medicine.


Peebler also singled out the key contributions of Ghost Flower’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Daniel Keown, who is a classically Western-trained doctor as well as a practicing acupuncturist.

Key benefits of the Ghost Flower activewear collection includes:


On the Outside (Tangible benefits):


  1. Activewear designs with a deeper purpose (your health and awareness).
  2. Selection of fabrics and designs for either technical performance or comfort (4-way compression, space dye, and seamless).
  3. Rich colors and prints that pertain to each Chinese Element’s season and energy.


On the Inside (Intangible benefits):


  1. Feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing which acupressure points to press to self-heal, and where and how to stretch to improve athletic performance, recover from tough workouts quickly, and upgrade your overall health and vitality.


  1. Knowledge of how to stretch so your fascia and muscles are springy, and your flexibility is dramatically increased.


Ghost Flower’s year-over-year online growth is approaching an impressive 200%, with low product returns of under 11%, compared to the industry average of 20%, and their average discounts have dropped from 30% to less than 10%.


Ghost Flower has created unique, beautiful, high-performance activewear — and a cutting-edge movement practice — built around the body’s natural energy channels and offering a deeper purpose of self-healing.


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Source: PR Newswire