The Great North Apparel launches active wear for men and women


The new spring line from The Great North Apparel features active wear for men and women that is comfortable, stylish and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Brand ambassador, Phillip Hirsch, is excited about the spring line launched by The Great North Apparel, a brand that not only designs beautiful, comfortable, high-quality active wear but also minimizes their environmental footprint.

“What I love about The Great North Apparel is that their clothing is eco-friendly, high-quality and comfortable. With a focus on active wear, the new spring line is destined to get people excited about the season ahead and ready to get outside and workout,” says Brand ambassador, Phillip Hirsch.

All clothing is manufactured in the USA, Canada and Asia, with the finishing touches and packaging completed in Canada. All material is ethically and sustainably sourced, manufacturing facilities are fair and environmentally conscious with the addition of solar panels and in-house water filtration, all packaging is recyclable, and all mailings are compostable. From beginning to end, The Great North Apparel is a brand focused on minimizing environmental impact, and promoting eco-friendly practices in the apparel industry.

The Great North Apparel’s mission states that “consumers don’t have to choose between quality and sustainability,” and the brand lives up to their goal of contributing to a healthy environment. The eco-friendly clothing line also donates 10% of profits towards sustaining and improving the environment.

The Great North Apparel is insanely comfortable. When asked about the clothing line, Phillip Hirsch says, “it’s like wearing a second skin, it’s one of the softest, most comfortable clothing lines one could wear. It’s so soft because it is manufactured from bamboo fibres, and the fabric is light and airy without neglecting quality.”

The Great North Apparel Activewear is available in various sizes, for both men and women. In fact, many items are gender-neutral, like the pride T-shirts supporting the LGBT+ community. Typically, unisex clothing is more cut out for a men’s shape, but The Great North Apparel fits nicely without being too baggy.

When asked why he joined The Great North Apparel as a Brand ambassador, Phillip says, “the brand’s mission and practices are completely in line with my ethics, and their clothing line is high-quality, beautiful and comfortable. I want to do everything in my power to help promote The Great North Apparel, and show consumers that there are premium clothing lines that are also eco-friendly.”

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Source: PR Web