Hanna Andersson Launching Two Innovation Studios to Enhance Customer Experience

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 24, 2019 – Hanna Andersson, one of America’s most beloved names in children’s apparel, has announced they will be quickening the brand’s pace of digital innovation by teaming up with Iterate.ai to create a joint two-part Innovation Lab.

This two-part Innovation Lab will extend Hanna Andersson’s high-technology creative presence in the product space into the digital space, enhancing its mobile services, in-home and in-store shopping experiences, and integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into Hanna Andersson offerings.

“Successful companies leave their comfort zones, lean into innovation and take smart risks as part of the long-term digital transformation each industry is facing. We live in an ever-changing, increasingly fast-paced and digital world that quickly adjusts to revolutionary technologies and services. To succeed, a company’s culture needs to place a high value on this customer generated data, speed and technical change,” said Mike Edwards, CEO, Hanna Andersson.

The first of two Innovation Studios is a Rapid Test Studio designed to increase the velocity and number of experiments conducted on Hanna Andersson’s website and mobile site each month. This workflow will speed up the absorption of unique digital tools, which are proven to improve the experience for the 7 million shoppers that visit the site yearly.

The second Innovation Studio is a Digital R&D Lab which will deliver high-technology, in-home shopping experiences, investigate IoT opportunities and explore new business model enhancements. In order to rapidly explore these opportunities, Hanna Andersson’s digital innovation team will utilize Iterate’s proprietary drag-n-drop Microservices development environment, Interplay, which provides finger-tip access to advanced AI technologies.

Both Studios will leverage Iterate.ai’s platform and services that uncover, curate and validate emerging new digital technologies from around the world. As an industry leader, Hanna Andersson’s goal is to enhance the customer journey and revolutionize how parents shop for their children by integrating these technologies.

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