Harry Kotlar Stuns at Heart of Oklahoma Diamond Meets the Art of a Handmade Masterpiece Event

OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 26, 2019 /– Harry Kotlar stole the show on November 14, 2019. This multi-sensory, invitation-only red carpet event in Oklahoma City brought all Harry Kotlar owners and special guests to the downtown BC Clark Jewelers location to witness the reveal, discover pieces from the Harry Kotlar’s Vault Collections, learn the history and creative process, create their own masterpieces and more.

Harry Kotlar was commissioned by BC Clark to create a handcrafted jewel incorporating their 18.92 carat Heart of Oklahoma diamond, created to honor the store’s founding year of 1892 as well as celebrate the great state of Oklahoma. The Internally Flawless, Fancy Intense Yellow diamond symbolizes the intense and colorful sunsets that stretch for miles over the Oklahoma plains. The Harry Kotlar masterpiece, which cradles the 18.92 carat diamond, showcases the heritage of Oklahoma with its impeccable ring design.

The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond was placed in a ring setting with a geometric design reminiscent of a steam locomotive’s pilot grills with the use of tapered baguette diamonds. This elegant piece represents a piece of BC Clark’s history as Oklahoma’s oldest business under the same family ownership.

“BC Clark is honored to have partnered with Harry Kotlar to create this masterpiece,” said Coleman Clark, President of BC Clark Jewelers. “Unveiling the Heart of Oklahoma Diamond Ring at such an elegant and interactive event with Harry Kotlar at our flagship downtown store with some of our most loyal customers has been a moment I will always remember.”

Guests were given a behind the scenes look at the design process of the Heart of Oklahoma Diamond set in a Harry Kotlar masterpiece as well as the opportunity to create their own Harry Kotlar pieces with a Harry Kotlar illustrator on site. Guests were able to discover a spellbinding museum-style exhibition of Harry Kotlar’s iconic collections including its hallmark design, the Artisan Pavé, the Kotlar Cushion® and jewels worn on the red carpet curated to guide the audience of the brand’s depths of expertise in its craft and history.

A Starry Night Reveal to Remember
Blue is the perfect complement to yellow tones, and 101 Park Avenue building’s atrium was awash in azure hues and stars twinkled in the ceiling with the use of innovative lighting. The color gave the space a dreamlike atmosphere, pulling elements from an artwork by one of the greatest post-impressionists of all time, Vincent Van Gogh. “The transformation is not just about making the film and exhibit space look theatrical, it was about forging emotional, artistic and historical dialogues,” says Czarah Cabrera, Brand Director for Harry Kotlar. “It’s about bringing forward the artists’ emotional intensities as they create masterpieces, while paralleling B.C. Clark Sr.’s journey to Indian Territory, as well as our founder’s determination for safe passage from WWII full of love, passion and tenacity.”

A three-minute film highlighting the creation of the masterpiece accompanied the unveiling. The film turned back time by showing the closely-guarded techniques of Harry Kotlar’s master artisans as well as Oklahoma’s and BC Clark’s history. It depicted how artisans create this masterpiece steeped in history and the personality of the human touch.

As a surprise element, a ballet performance was incorporated for the big reveal reinforcing the importance of the masterpiece cradling the rare diamond and illuminating human emotions. Right after the reveal, the lights magically shifted from deep blues to vivid yellow hues.  It was the perfect way to introduce the Harry Kotlar Masterpiece.

The unveiling of the Heart of Oklahoma Diamond in a Harry Kotlar Masterpiece presented a fusion of two great legacies. “Harry Kotlar and BC Clark have enjoyed a close business relationship for almost 30 years,” said David Weiner, President of Harry Kotlar. “This masterpiece is a great symbol of our shared history.”

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