Iconic27 for Making Production Chain Sustainable

June 14, 2021– Iconic27 is a high-quality brand that wants to make steps when it comes to sustainability. This is why Iconic27 puts a lot of love and attention into the development of the clothing. That same love and attention is put into making the production chain more sustainable. Thereby the environment, animal welfare and safe working conditions are one of the most important items on the agenda. Iconic27 wants to take up this challenge to contribute to the fairest possible fashion-industry.

Iconic27 has already taken the first steps towards sustainability. When selecting the fabrics a balance between quality, comfort and sustainability is crucial. Therefore Iconic27 uses fabrics that are from ‘Better Cotton Initiative’ (BCI). This is an organic fabric that is used for all the T-shirts and sweaters. The factory that produces this fabric, doesn’t only ensure that the fabric is sustainable but also that the workers get treated well. Besides, Iconic27 works together with European factories that guarantee those same safe working conditions.

The next sustainable step for Iconic27 is switching to 100% recycled shipping bags for the webshop. The shipping bags that Iconic27 is going to use are made of 50 micron CEOX LDPE plastic. With the use of new sustainable shipping bags they want to show the customers that sustainability is one of the main goals.

In the next few years Iconic27 plans to do more for the environment and they will take more and more steps towards sustainability.

The fashion industry has evolved a lot over the years. The recent events around the world provided the apparel industry with such a unique opportunity that will alter its value chain and make it even more sustainable and efficient. Therefore, leading apparel brands, such as Iconic27 are leaving no stone unturned. It is capitalizing on this trend and initiating changes in their business model. More to say, everyone is starting to cut down their carbon footprints and are heading towards carbon neutral environment. Every step that we take counts. Our apparel customization software operates on a similar basis as it lets your buyers design their apparel through a digital medium.

Source- FashionUnited