Joe Nimble tie up With Michelin & Launch Advanced Running Shoe

LUDWIGSBURG, Germany : Joe Nimble’s mission to free feet from the constraints of modern footwear has reached a new level. The forward-thinking brand has partnered with Soles by Michelin to launch the nimbleToes Addict. It’s a collaboration that is leading a revolution in running shoes.


Designed with Joe Nimble’s toefreedom® design philosophy and 40 years of experience, the shoe is based on the biomechanical concept from Lee Saxby (Biomechanist, running coach, and creator of the Functional FootMap), and features a Michelin engineered outsole, for premium stability, durability and traction when running long road distances.


During the Runners World running shoe symposium at ISPO in January, industry leaders discussed a thesis from Benno Niggs’ (leading Biomechanist in running), which argued that existing concepts of cushioning are now outdated.


For years conventional running shoes have been sold on the basis of motion control, which is no longer considered the most important factor in preventing injury. Comfort is the real key.


Joe Nimble is on the front foot as they’ve listened to the needs of runners, and their development team worked tirelessly to design a shoe that combats common problems such as foot strain and knee pain.


Sebastian Bär – Head of Joe Nimble and inventor of the Functional Footwear design concept, explains “The natural shape of the foot is asymmetrical, which is in contrast to modern running shoes, which historically always have a symmetrical shape.” This means toes are not able to anchor and stabilize the foot, which is the root cause of pain and inefficient running techniques.


Leading the way, nimbleToes Addict is Joe Nimble’s first running shoe to offer the benefits of Functional Footwear to the 95% of runners who are ‘heel-strikers’.


Sebastian continues “It’s wide at the front, it has a flat toe box that supports and stabilizes the forefoot, and supports the natural function of the big toe.”


Based on proven Joe Nimble toefreedom® benefits, it’s anatomically correct toe box and zero heel elevation, combined with an optimal level of mid-sole protection, is ideal for recreational road runners.


More miles, less pain, is the brand’s core principle and the nimbleToes Addict helps runners go the distance, without sacrificing comfort.


The trend-setting brand made a conscious decision to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. “Even during the development of the shoes, we relied heavily on the input and feedback from the users. They provided us with valuable insights to make the nimbleToes Addict what it is today–the perfect running shoe.” Explains Sebastian. “It makes sense to give these initiators first access to what they helped develop”


The nimbleToes Addict is currently only available via the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in white and gray. The first 300 pairs can be reserved at the reduced early bird price.


German shoe brand Joe Nimble has become the master of Functional Footwear. The brand has built its foundations from a core of experts, whose knowledge transcends from first-hand experience in some of the toughest endurance events.


In developing Toefreedom®, Joe Nimble is at the forefront of a footwear revolution. With the mantra ‘More miles, less pain’, Joe Nimble products help runners achieve peak performance whilst reducing pain. Footwear industry is experiencing revolution with advancement in technology going on acorss the globe. To cater modern footwear needs, iDesigniBuy in this segment offers shoe design software that transforms an online footwear store into an advanced storefront, having option to customize the shoes. This helps retailers to offer customization to their expectations and demand.

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