Lee® Launches Shape Illusions Designed to Flatter Every Body Shape

GREENSBORO, N.C., – Lee®, the iconic American apparel brand known for its quintessential workwear and timeless style, today announced the launch of Shape Illusions, an innovative collection designed to celebrate the female figure, regardless of size. Leveraging the power of perception and best-in-class design, the Shape Illusions collection uses strategically placed seams, shading and contouring to lift, lengthen, conceal and contour.

“Shape Illusions pairs the latest in design innovation and laser shading with Lee’s unmatched ability to craft apparel for the female body,” said Joe Bugni, VP of global female product, Lee®. “With Shape Illusions, consumers now have access to premium finishing designed to enhance and flatter all figures, without a premium price tag.”

Combining the Power of Perception, Science and Design

Shape Illusions harnesses the principles of vision science: what the eye sees and doesn’t see. Each piece is designed with a 360° approach: precisely shaded and contoured using patterns created by nano laser technology and constructed with strategic seams, pocket placement, and draping fabrics.
“For more than 70 years, Lee has been pioneering women’s Jeans and apparel to fit and look great,” said Betty Madden, VP of global design, Lee®. “Feeling confident is important to ALL women. We purposely patterned Shape Illusions on a size 14 form. Every stitch in each top and bottom was evaluated to ensure it complemented the female shape. We then asked women to wear and test the line. The resounding result: they loved how they looked and felt – regardless of their size. It’s the latest evolution in size inclusive fashion that celebrates all women.”

The launch of Shape Illusions demonstrates the Lee® brand’s continued commitment to harnessing innovative technology to create products that feature trend-setting design and unsurpassed quality for all ages, body types and across multiple price points. Shape Illusions utilizes similar techniques as the Lee® Body Optix collection, which is available globally at high end department stores and specialty boutiques. However, Shape Illusions provides the Body Optix platform’s meaningful features and benefits for even more consumers at a compelling value.

The Shape Illusions collection is available under the Lee Riders banner at Walmart stores this fall and online at Walmart.com and Lee.com. The collection features products from size 4 to 24 in bottoms, and XS to XXXL in tops.

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